Park Home Insurance

Park Home Assist is one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance of residential park homes, and for the last 13 years we have been providing one of the most competitive and comprehensive policies available for park home owners.

Despite being one of the largest providers of park home insurance within the UK, we are a family business and pride ourselves on the customer service we provide. This service has been recognised by the insurance industry in 2017 by awarding the Park Home Assist claims teams with the Customer Services Initiative award for claims handling.

If you want the peace of mind of an award winning claims service, comprehensive cover as well as a competitive premium, then contact us today and find out why thousands of park home owners choose Park Home Assist to insure their residential park home.


25,000 insured people so far……


13 Years Experience


Over 1000 claims handled in 2017


Insurance Times claims excellence award winners.

Type of cover

Included as standard

Our park home insurance policy has been designed for residential park home owners and offers comprehensive cover for your park home. Below is an overview of what is included as standard with our park home insurance policy.

  • Park home buildings cover up to £500,000
  • Site clearance, transportation and re-siting of replacement home
  • Alternative accommodation and emergency kennelling up to 25% of the buildings sum insured if your home is made uninhabitable by any cause covered under the buildings section of this policy.
  • Park home contents cover up to £60,000
  • Valuables up to £20,000 within the park home
  • Increased contents cover by 10%, one month before and one month after a special event or religious festival
  • All contents are replaced on a new for old basis, except pedal cycles and clothing
  • All contents are replaced on a new for old basis, except pedal cycles and clothing
  • Unlimited freezer contents cover
  • £1,000 replacement lock cover for theft or loss of keys

  • £1,500 garden furniture cover
  • £5 million public liability cover
  • £7,500 business equipment
  • £2,500 cover for theft from outbuildings or garages
  • Money up to £1,000 in total or £2,500 in a safe
  • Credit cards up to £5,000 in total
  • Trace of water leak up to £5,000
  • £2,500 Escape of oil & metered water
  • Pedal cycles within the home up to £1,000
  • If you permanently live at the address the following benefits are included free of charge:
    • Accidental damage whilst moving home
    • Jury service up to £25 per day to a total of £1,500
    • Up to £5,000 of contents temporarily removed from the home whilst attending full time education (up to £1,000 per single article, pair or set).

Optional covers

What optional cover can be added to the policy?

We understand that one size does not fit all and that you may have some valuables or additional possessions you would like to cover. We have taken this into consideration which is why we offer you additional cover suitable for your individual circumstances. The type of optional cover that can be added to your policy is as follows:

  • Accidental Damage Cover on Buildings and Contents
  • Valuables & Personal Possessions covered away from your Park Home
  • Pedal Cycle Insurance Cover away from your Park Home
  • Mobility Scooter Insurance Cover including £5m of Public Liability Insurance
  • Money & Credit Card Cover away from your home
  • £50,000 Legal Protection Cover which includes cover for park operator disputes.
Discounts & Benefits

Park Home Insurance Discounts & Benefits

You may be entitled to additional discounts and benefits depending on a few different factors such as:

  • Up To 20% No Claims Discount Available
  • Over 50’s Age Discount of 10%
  • Selected Parks get up to 20% Discount.
  • Discounts for newer park homes
  • Recommend a neighbour and get £15 off your renewal next year
  • Option to pay by monthly instalments – no deposit necessary
  • No Additional Charge for Payment by Credit or Debit Cards
Legal Inclusions

What’s included in Park Home Legal Costs Expenses

Legal costs incurred by the insurer’s approved panel of solicitors up to £50,000 to pursue:

  • Defective goods or services provided to your Park Home
  • Compensation following an accident for death or injury
  • An Employment Tribunal
  • Nuisance or trespass to your Park Home property
  • Disputes with the park owner where your Park Home is situated
  • Compensation against someone who damages your Park Home
  • A probate dispute
  • Defence of a breach of contract against you for goods sold privately that relate to your Park Home.
  • Liaison with credit reference agencies if you are a victim of identity theft
  • Writing a letter to a social media website to request removal of a defamatory comment about you.
Legal Exclusions

Significant Exclusions

As with all policies of this type there are some things which are not covered. These are the limitations and exclusions that we think are significant. Full details or all limitations and exclusions can be found in the relevant cover section of the policy wording.

You are not covered under Park Home Legal Expenses for:

  • Claims or proceedings that arise outside of the UK, IOM or Channel Islands
  • Costs for claims incurred without the insurers prior consent
  • Claims that arise between you and someone you live with or have lived with
  • Claims where to insurer deems there is no prospect of success
  • Costs for legal representation from outside of the insurers approved solicitors list
  • Claims below £250 (plus vat) brought against you or pursued for you for Defective Goods Claims
  • Claims for stress, psychological or emotional injury unless linked to a physical injury are excluded for injury claims
  • Any Employment Tribunal or action against a park owner brought within the first 90 days of the policy
  • Trespass or nuisance arising from divorce or matrimonial matters.
  • Financial compensation for physical damage in respect of a contract that you have entered into
  • Defamatory claims on social media if you are under 18 years of age.