Settling in to a park home community, particularly for the first time, can be an exciting time as you begin a new lifestyle. Living on a residential park is, in some respects, quite different from a bricks-and-mortar house on a regular street or estate.

Flood cover is becoming increasingly important, especially for park home owners in some areas of the country. In recent years, news of extensive damage to homes from storms, heavy rainfall and burst river banks has reminded us all that floods are a very real danger.

Owning your own holiday lodge and having a tranquil retreat away from the normal everyday life, sounds like a tempting idea for a lot of people. Not only are lodges more affordable and stylish then ever, the costs are often significantly lower than buying a bricks and mortar home in the same location.

Cover for your personal items is included as standard within your park home insurance contents whilst inside of the home. However, you’re very likely to take some of your contents with you when you go out. Personal possessions cover is an optional add on to your policy, which is designed to provide you with cover for those unfortunate times, when loss or damage occurs outside of your park home.

Home Emergency Cover is an optional extra that operates alongside your park home buildings and contents insurance cover. The cost for home emergency cover is £25 for the whole year. It provides the added assurance, that in the case of sudden and unexpected damage or failure in your home, which leads to an emergency, help is only one phone call away.

Choosing your park home insurance provider can seem a daunting task with so many companies offering home insurance to choose from. As with any important purchase, start with an understanding of your own circumstances and what you need.

While your insurance cover is there to help you deal with the consequences of theft, making your park home more secure, may help to avoid such a potentially upsetting experience. Prevention is so much better than cure and you can secure your park home with a few simple measures.

Spring is the ideal time for maintaining the hard landscaping in your park home garden. Here we have collected ten top tips we hope will be useful.

With outdoor temperatures creeping up, you may want to make the most of sunny days with some spring garden maintenance. We have compiled a few spring gardening tips that we hope will help you to get the garden of your park home in shape.

A leaking washing machine, a burst pipe or a blocked toilet can all lead to what you will often find described as an ‘escape of water’. This language is used to precisely distinguish the type of events mentioned above, from other types of water damage caused by flooding or storm damage.