Get an extra £15 off your insurance next year

When you recommend us to your friends and neighbours, you’ll get £15 off your next year’s premium for everyone you introduce to us who goes on to take their Park Home insurance out with us.

Plus, you’ll be doing them a favour too, not only will you be introducing them to our award-winning team and our competitive premiums but they will also get £15 off their insurance premium too, when they take out our cover.

We’ll give you £15 off your next insurance renewal with us for each friend you introduce to us who subsequently insures their park home, leisure lodge, caravan, holiday home or boat.

So, why keep the savings you made by insuring with us all to yourself? Put your friends and neighbours in the picture and share the rewards. Simply introduce your friends to Assist and you’ll receive £15 off your next year’s renewal premium with us. And we won’t limit you to the number of friends you introduce!

Recommend Park Home Assist to a friend and get £15 off your next insurance renewal.

Complete your details shown below and your friends email address

Your customer reference number will be encrypted so you do not have to worry that your details are not secure.

Your friend clicks on the link in the email they receive. They then simply enquire online about the insurance and/or estate agency service we offer. As soon as they accept our insurance quote and once the policy has been in force for at least 14 days you’ll receive confirmation from us that we’ve put a credit of £15 against your insurance renewal with us next year.

So the more friends you introduce to us the less your insurance will cost with us next year.

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Offer Closes 31st December 2019. For more information just call 01604 946 711