Taking photos for your park home insurance can make the process much easier and avoid any problems arising should you need to make a claim. You should take photos showing the general condition of your park home and any additions such as awnings, decking or a hot tub that you have added since taking out your insurance.

Getting help with your park home energy bills this winter is a high priority for many residents. Keeping warm is essential for all of us and with rising energy costs, it can present an even greater challenge than usual. For those who qualify, there is help available both for fuel bills and for some measures to make your home more energy efficient and easier to keep warm.

Emergencies caused by events such as leakages, a heating failure or power outage are a problem at any time of year but the level of inconvenience and discomfort is, of course, magnified in the winter. Knowing that you can get the timely assistance you might need should an incident occur, means you can feel assured that you are covered whatever the season throws at you.

As winter draws closer this is an ideal time to be thinking about insulation for your park home. Not only will insulating your home keep you warmer but it will also reduce your energy consumption and help you to save money on your bills.

The coming of autumn brings new challenges for the maintenance of your park home. Here are a few ideas to help to get your park home in the best shape for the coming months.

Retirement for many is about peace, tranquillity and well-earned enjoyment of the finer things in life. Park homes are, in most cases, located in rural or semi-rural, picturesque places.

Dealing with pests in your park home is a perennial problem. The ease of access to the outdoors is one of the attractions of a park home but can also lead to problems when it comes to the encroachment of various pests.

On 26 March 2013 the Government introduced the Mobile Homes Act 2013 which was designed to give greater protection to owner-occupiers of residential mobile (park) homes.

When buying park home insurance, it is important to make sure that it fits your circumstances, so here are 10 tips for insuring your park home. Considering these points will help you get your park home insurance right.

Reducing plastic use in your park home can be a simple matter of making a few small changes without any major shift in lifestyle or habits, which can nevertheless build up to a large beneficial effect on our shared environment.