Ways To Buy A Park Home

If you’re considering purchasing a park home in the UK, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many ways to buy a park home. Each approach has its own merits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand them before making any decisions. In this article, we’ll explore the various methods of buying a park home and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, hopefully helping you make an informed choice.

As you explore the various methods of buying a park home, it may be worth remembering first, to make the basic checks on the park you wish to reside in. It should have on public display, the licence and rating as a residential park where all-year-round occupation is permitted. Finally, you may want to consider pitch fees and other costs, such as utility bills, council tax and maintenance costs, so that your budget is a realistic one.

Location: Where to buy your park home

It is worth saying at the outset, that you might want to choose the park you are going to live in first. This is usually how park home owners choose their new homes. Buying your favourite model or customised home from the manufacturer and then getting that situated in the park that you want, can be a complicated process. It is certainly more straight-forward to find a park you like that has homes for sale or where existing owners want to sell. This way, you know you want to live there and are familiar with the local area and amenities.

Many residential parks throughout the UK offer park homes for sale within their communities. This method provides several advantages worth considering. Firstly, you’ll become part of an established community with access to various services such as clubhouses, recreational areas and social events. Residential parks often offer both new and pre-owned homes, giving you a wider selection to choose from. Furthermore, the park management can guide you through the process, providing valuable support and assistance. Keep in mind that purchasing from a residential park may come with certain restrictions, including specific rules and regulations that govern the community. Additionally, ongoing fees and compliance with park rules might limit certain freedoms or require additional expenses. Checking this information with the park management or the sales team, can help avoid any unpleasant discoveries later on.

However you make the purchase, you may want to employ a solicitor to check over the details. Engaging a lawyer is not a requirement, but many people find it reassuring to know that the details of agreements and financing have been checked and confirmed before making what is, after all, a substantial purchase.

Purchasing from a Park Home Owner:

Another method is to buy a park home from a current owner. This approach offers some distinct advantages. Firstly, you may find pre-owned park homes at lower prices, potentially saving you money. You can physically inspect the property before making a decision, ensuring that it meets your requirements and identifying any necessary repairs or renovations.

It is not obligatory, but a survey of the home may help you prepare better for any maintenance or repairs that could be needed after purchase. A professional survey may also discover something that leads you to choose again. There are specialist surveyors who know what to look for in park homes. You can find them with a quick internet search.

The transaction process, when buying from an existing owner is often faster, with fewer bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. However, keep in mind that the availability of pre-owned park homes might be limited and finding the perfect location and layout may require some patience. Additionally, you should carefully assess the condition of the property, to ensure that any necessary repairs or maintenance will not outweigh the cost savings. It might help to know that you do not have to be approved by the park home owners as a buyer of the home, but you will still need to meet the requirements of the park to take up residence. Therefore, it is still important to check on age restrictions, vehicle limits and other regulations that may affect your residency.

Does the park home have a structural warranty?

If the park home that you intend to buy is less than 10 years old, you should check that it has a structural warranty, such as Platinum Seal. This is an insurance-backed scheme that will protect you financially if any inherent defects are found in the structure of your park home within the first 10 years after manufacture.

Buying Directly from the Manufacturer

A final option is to purchase your park home directly from the manufacturer. This method is suitable if you intend to use your own land to site the home (planning permission and other regulations permitting). This way offers a wide range of brand-new homes to choose from, giving you the opportunity to customise your home to suit your preferences. You can negotiate the price and have the satisfaction of owning a brand-new property. However, keep in mind that buying directly from the manufacturer may involve a waiting period, as the home is constructed and delivered. Additionally, the price of a new park home can be higher compared to a pre-owned one, which might affect your budget. Manufacturers often have deals with parks and may direct you to buy through one of their favoured partners in any case. If you do go down this route, make sure that delivery and cover for the delivery of your home to the pitch site, is included in the deal.

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Published – 04/08/23