Insurance claim handled exactly how it should be

Insurance claim handled exactly how it should be.Dealing with a claim on your property can be a distressing time for you.  Here at Park Home Assist we design policies that give you comprehensive cover at a competitive price. This is to ensure when you do make a claim you are completely covered.  Our award-winning claims service, voted for by the insurance industry, is a true reflection of the service you will receive when you deal with our claims team.  We have our own claims coordinators who manage your claim in the background probably without you even noticing, to make sure the claim is progressing efficiently.

The Claim – Escape of Water

We were recently contacted by the son of a customer insured with us, reporting a claim for damage caused by an escape of water from his parents’ boiler. This was reported late one afternoon in June 2019, when he had discovered, during a visit, water damage to the chipboard flooring surrounding the central heating boiler in the kitchen area of the park home.  He called in a local plumber immediately to isolate the water supply and drain down the system in order to reduce the possibility of any further damage.  Although he acted quickly, the damage was extensive as it appeared that the leak had been undetected for a considerable time prior to discovery.

We were informed by the son that both his parents were in their 80’s, with one parent needing specialist care, with the addition of mobility issues, this is why he chose to contact us regarding the claim on their behalf. Following a conversation with the policyholder’s son, and wanting to minimise as much as we could the upset this was obviously causing, our coordinator immediately contacted the claims company to ensure that a loss adjuster was instructed, who visited the very next day and confirmed the loss and damage was due to the escape of water.

Extent of the Damage

During the loss adjusters visit, damage was discovered to the laminate flooring in the kitchen, open plan living/dining room and the main hallway area also sustained a lot of water damage. The chipboard sub flooring was also compromised due to the water and to replace this area, the kitchen units would need to be temporarily removed and then reinstated, meaning the property would need to be vacated while the repairs took place.

Due to the vulnerability of the policyholders, specialist accommodation would be required.  Once the right accommodation was found for the policyholders which was suitable for their needs, all large items of furniture needed to be removed from the property and placed into storage to allow the work to begin.

During the repairs the contractors discovered asbestos was present in the home, so an additional specialist contractor was contacted to ensure the asbestos was handled correctly and removed in a safe and proper manner.

Due to the complexity of the claim, this involved several companies and departments, all of whom needed to work together to ensure as quick a resolve as possible for the customers, this involved claims handlers, storage company, loss adjuster, contractors, asbestos contractors, removal company and in the background claims coordinators ensuring everything progressed as it should.


The customers were back in their home within 6 weeks from the start of the claim, with all of the extensive works completed and their furniture and belongings back in place.

Throughout the process of the claim not once did the policyholders children have to contact us for an update, as they were kept informed throughout the entire claim.

We do everything we can to minimise the inconvenience and we are really proud of the service we provide to every customer, whether renewing your insurance, contacting us for the first time or making a claim.

If you would like to contact us for a park home insurance quote, please call our Northampton office and speak to one of our specialist advisors on 01604 946 796.

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