Park Home Security 

When you are thinking about your park home security, the first thing to consider is the park home itself and its location inside a managed park. There are generally high standards in UK residential parks and holiday parks so your choice is wide. In fact, security is one of the attractions of living in a park home. There are differences in security levels, however, and this is something to be aware of when choosing your park home.

Secure fastenings on your park home windows and doors
Locks and bolts can wear out after years of use, so it’s worth checking them on a regular basis. You may also consider adding more bolts or upgrading them. Your site owner may well have recommendations for this.

Fit a security alarm
Some park home sites will insist on you installing an alarm in your park home. There are many different types of alarms to choose from to suit a range of budgets, so you should find one to meet your needs.

Think about a doorstep alarm for additional park home security
Breaking and entering is not the only way for a thief to relieve you of your property. Unfortunately, fake ‘cold calling’ is the preferred method of many. Although many residential parks have security gates with cameras and/or guards to reduce this risk, don’t open the door to unidentified strangers. However, if you do, with a doorstep alarm, even if you answer the door to someone, the alarm will still sound if they go on to attempt to force entry.

Fit a door chain
A simple door chain is a cheap and effective way to increase security in your park home.

Do not leave things on display in your park home
Many thieves are opportunists. Don’t tempt them in with clearly visible valuables.

Think about getting a safe
Depending on your circumstances, it may be worth a small investment in a safe. A safe is always the best place for valuables and small, cleverly disguised safes are widely available.

Remember the car
Do not leave valuables in your car overnight. If you have to for some reason, make sure they are hidden out of sight.

Always close your blinds and curtains at night
If burglars get a good view of your park home at night, they may see the chance to break in.

Invest in a light timer 
This is an easy way to improve your park home security. You can attach a timer to lights in your park home so that they activate at specific times of the day.  This can work as a great deterrent for any would-be intruders.

Be vigilant!
You never know when intruders may be lurking around.  You also never know what they look like.  Keep things quiet, discreet and lock up whenever you leave.

Use your park home community
One of the joys of a park home is the opportunity to get to know your neighbours. Ultimately, being in a community that is looking out for each other is the ultimate deterrent to intruders. The site owner or manager is also a great resource to make you feel doubly secure in your park home.

Know your neighbours
If you trust your neighbour enough, you may even ask them to hold a key for you.  However, do not do this if you have just moved in, or if you don’t feel you know your neighbours well enough.  If you trust them, they could pop in occasionally to check everything is ok in your park home.

Remember security every time you leave your park home
You should be extra careful if you leave your home for even a short period.  Make sure to close your curtains and use light timers if you need to leave at night.  You could also ask your neighbours to keep a close eye on things.

Park homes are about relaxation and enjoyment. These measures outlined above combined with good insurance cover, which includes theft and attempted break in, can provide you with the peace of mind to feel secure and really enjoy your park home in tranquillity and safety.

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Published – 02/06/21