A structural warranty is not the same as your park home buildings and contents cover but is an extra assurance to cover structural defects which may arise in the first ten years of the life of your park home.

Knowing what to do in the event of a storm can do a lot to keep you and your property safe. Here are a few ideas that may help you be better prepared.

At Park Home Assist, our comprehensive park home insurance policies include flood cover as standard, however, due to previous flooding or high flood risk in particular areas, there have been occasions when we have not been able to offer flood cover. Thankfully, due to flood mapping technology and new flood schemes, flood cover is now available to more park home owners than ever before.

Protecting vulnerable customers is a key focus for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – the body that regulates the UK insurance industry. It is also a priority for us at Park Home Assist.

If you know how to make a park home insurance claim, the process can be a lot easier if the need ever arises.

Flooding can be a major hazard in some parts of the UK, so knowing what to do in a flood can help you to stay calm and do the right things, in what can be distressing and chaotic circumstances.

Accidental damage cover is an add on to standard contents insurance. It can help you in the event of those spillages, breakages and scratches, which occasionally happen to us all in or around the home.

This article gives you some tips on how to avoid a claim on your park home insurance. However, if you do need to make a claim on your insurance cover with Park Home Assist you can be sure it will be handled swiftly and fairly by one of our award-winning team.

It’s good to know that money and credit cards insurance cover is included as standard in a park home insurance policy from Park Home Assist.

Flood cover is becoming increasingly important, especially for park home owners in some areas of the country. In recent years, news of extensive damage to homes from storms, heavy rainfall and burst river banks has reminded us all that floods are a very real danger.