What is a Park Home Structural Warranty?

A park home structural warranty is insurance cover for a wide range of structural defects that, although rare, may arise in your park home and which are not the result of general wear and tear or the result of a lack of maintenance.

A structural warranty is not the same as your park home buildings and contents cover but is an extra assurance to cover structural defects which may arise in the first ten years of the life of your park home.

You normally have cover for structural defects under your manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase for the first two years of the life of your park home. With a structural warranty such as that provided under the Platinum Seal Warranty Scheme you can gain up to ten years protection from the date of despatch.

Platinum Seal is the longest-running insurance-backed structural warranty scheme for park homes in the UK. It is provided to park home manufacturers and offers protection against structural defects to park home owners.

What is included in your structural warranty?

  1. Structural defects in the chassis of your park home.
  2. Structural defects in the floor bearers of your park home.
  3. Structural wall bearers of your park home.
  4. Structural roof bearers of your park home.
  5. Roof tiles on your park home as long as regular maintenance checks are carried out.

What is not included?

  1. Your structural warranty does not cover non-structural issues such as gutters, central heating, internal plaster finishing, fixtures and fittings etc. If you have such damage as this, it may be more appropriate to contact your park home insurer.
  2. Defects in the base of your park home
  3. Defects in the skirting on which your park home is sited upon
  4. Defects in the steps to your park home.
  5. Defects in the underground services to your park home

You should report all these issues to your park operator.

What about maintenance?

You can gain the extra assurance that comes with an extended structural warranty as long as any faults are not the result of general wear and tear and as long as regular maintenance checks have been carried out. This is particularly the case for roof tiles but you may want to make a more thorough maintenance schedule. For ideas about maintenance see this article about maintaining your park home.

If you keep to a regular maintenance schedule, carefully recording any repairs or changes that you make, it may help you with any claims arising under your standard insurance cover too.

How can you register?

If the manufacturer of your park home provides the Platinum Seal structural warranty, you still need to register your home under the scheme. You can do this as soon as you know the plot number of your site and the serial number of your home.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your park home is registered for its structural warranty. The park operator may do this for you, but you can do this yourself online or by phone on 01604 946 791. Alternatively, you can download the online registration form fill it in and post it.

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Published – 28/04/23