Flood Cover – Now Also Available in Many High Risk Areas

At Park Home Assist, our comprehensive park home insurance policies include flood cover as standard, however, due to previous flooding or high flood risk in particular areas, there have been occasions when we have not been able to offer flood cover. Thankfully, due to flood mapping technology and new flood schemes, flood cover is now available to more park home owners than ever before.

Flood Cover as Standard

For many park home owners, getting flood cover for your park home is simple and comes as standard when you insure your park home with us. Knowing your park home and its contents are covered on a new for old policy, including cases of total loss due to flooding, provides you with the peace of mind you need. In cases of extensive damage or total loss caused by a flood, as well as getting your home repaired or replaced, our policy also provides you with alternative accommodation, so you will never be left homeless whilst we deal with your claim.

Affordable Flood Cover in High-Risk Locations

If you happen to live in an area deemed a flood risk, or have experienced any flooding previously, you may have found it difficult to get the cover you need at an affordable price or at all.  Here at Park Home Assist, we are trying to change that and have been working alongside our insurer Canopius to implement new measures which will allow us to provide affordable flood cover to as many park home owners as possible. Below we will discuss two measures which are helping us achieve that.

  1. Flood Mapping

Sophisticated flood mapping technology is helping our insurer to identify specific flood risks in what are currently deemed higher risk areas. The technology allows the flood risk of an individual home to be identified, rather than looking at wider postcode areas. This helps our insurers determine a precise risk, meaning that we are able to offer flood cover to individuals who may have previously fallen into a ‘high risk category.’ It also means that our customers are only paying premiums for the risk their homes present.  Whilst this is not currently available for all homes, we are continuously working in partnership with our insurer to get more and more areas added to this process. 

  1. The FloodRe Scheme

Flood Re is a joint initiative between the Government and insurers. Its aim is to provide flood cover for the highest risk customers whilst still keeping premiums affordable. Insurers pay into a group fund for each policy they have. In return, the government will then provide the flood cover aspect of the insurance policy. Any flood portion of the claim is then paid by the scheme, rather than the insurer. If you need to make a claim, you would still contact our claims line as normal to handle every aspect of your claim.

FloodRe is available for the majority of homes, however to discourage companies building in flood risk areas, there is some criteria to meet before a home will qualify for the scheme.

To see if your home qualifies, or for more information you can visit. the FloodRe website.

With the new measures we have in place, the choice for customers in high-risk areas is changing dramatically. In addition to the new measures our award-winning team are always available to help guide you through the process and discuss your specific needs so getting the cover you need for your park home should be quick and easy.

If you would like further information, to discuss your needs or get a quote, don’t hesitate to call us today on 01604 946 796.

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Published – 24/02/23