Preparing your park home for stormy weather

Preparing your park home for stormy weather can be done with a few simple steps and may save you a great deal of trouble. Having good park home insurance cover can give you the peace of mind to know you should be able to claim should your home be damaged by stormy weather, but it is better to be prepared and possibly avoid or minimise any such disruption. The first three months of the year are when most bad weather claims are made. As spring approaches, the chances of warmer air, carrying more moisture meeting cold dry air to produce storms increases. So now may be the best time for you to be thinking about how you can protect yourself and your home. Here, we have compiled a few tips that may help.

  • Keep an eye on the weather.

Mark Twain once said, “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” His home in the USA may experience more extreme atmospheric events than the UK but we know all too well how quickly the weather can change. The Met Office issues weather warnings which can be found here:

  • Cut trees back and remove any weak or broken branches.

What the wind carries with it can pose the biggest threat to you and your home. It may be a good time to take a look at any nearby trees and large bushes to make them safe.

  • Clear your drains.

With the chances of heavy rainfall much higher in the coming months, it may the time to take a look at your drains. Blockages can easily form after debris blown in during the winter months builds up in them. Efficient drainage can decrease the chances of water damage significantly.

  • Check your home for damaged skirting, tiles and cladding.

A thorough survey of your park home exterior may reveal small holes or broken seals around doors and windows. These could allow water to build up in cavities and gradually cause damage or may suddenly become worse in more extreme weather. Fixing small problems now can avoid more hassle later.

  • Check your gates and fences.

A quick run round to check for loose fence posts or dodgy hinges may be a good move at this time to deprive a storm of material to pick up and throw.

  • Secure garden furniture when not in use.

As the weather warms, you may find yourself sitting outside more often. Storms can arrive quickly, leaving you little time to scurry around making chairs and tables safe. If you have a routine of securing or putting away anything that can be picked up by strong winds, you may avoid the damage it can cause.

  • Secure awnings

Awnings are particularly susceptible to damage during strong winds, so make they have been put away securely when preparing your park home for stormy weather.

  • Keep sandbags handy.

If your park home is at risk of flooding it may be a good idea to invest in some sandbags now. Piling some up outside doors and any other sites of potential ingress in the event of an approaching storm can sometimes prevent water getting into your home. It may also be a good idea to protect any sheds or other out-buildings you may have in a similar way.

  • Park your car safely.

You may want to review the spot you are leaving any vehicles you own. Maybe there is a better place away from overhanging trees and not so close to fences?

  • Clear your vents.

Spending more time indoors due to bad weather can increase the chances of condensation and consequent mould forming in your park home. Good ventilation is key to preventing this. Checking your vents does not take long and clearing them of any winter debris can keep your park home fresh and well aired. It may also help to try and have a window or two, or your door, open for a little while each day when it is safe to do so.

Hopefully some of the ideas here will help you to prepare your park home for stormy weather and avoid any serious damage. However, it is reassuring to know that should you need to make a claim, you will be in the hands of an award winning team, who know your specific circumstances and can help you through what can be a distressing time. 

Please note all insurance cover is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions.

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Published – 03/03/23