What to do in the event of a storm 

Knowing what to do in the event of a storm can do a lot to keep you and your property safe. Here are a few ideas that may help you be better prepared.

Watch for warnings

The first thing that might really help is to know in advance what is coming. If you detect a change in the weather or you are in a part of the country that experiences a lot of storms and bad weather, it’s a good idea to make a check of the Met Office’s weather warning page: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings

Use your time to prepare

You may find our previous article on preparing for stormy weather useful in this regard. If you do have enough forewarning and it is safe to go outside, you could use the time to carry out a few simple tasks outlined in our article to increase your chances of weathering the storm and coming out the other side unscathed.

Be ready to spend time indoors

It may very well be unsafe to go outside during stormy weather, so preparing for a few days inside may be worth it. Perhaps get in some basic foodstuffs to see you through if the need arises. You might also want to think about storing some board games, a pack of cards or other ways to while away the hours.  Power cuts Power cuts become more likely in the event of a storm because of downed power lines or possible floods. It may help to keep the following handy just in case:

  • Warm clothing and layers
  • Buckets and bowls for any surprise leaks
  • Torch
  • Spare batteries
  • Phone charger and battery pack
  • Candles, matches and lighters
  • Food and drink that doesn’t require cooking or heating 

After the storm

When the skies clear and if it is safe to do so, you may want to carry out some checks to ascertain if there has been any damage to your property. Carrying out some immediate repairs could stop any damage worsening and you could also assess whether you need to make a claim on your park home insurance. If you need to use ladders or other equipment you may want to enlist a friend or neighbour to help keep you safe. If you have our park home emergency cover, then, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to send out a contractor to assess and rectify the problem for you. Here is a short list of some of the things you may want to pay attention to when checking for damage:

  • Roof tiles and joints
  • Windows and doors
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Cars
  • Gutters and pipes
  • Trees
  • Fences

It may help to take photos if you find damage, as these can help with any claim on your park home insurance if you need to make one. It might be a good idea if you are unsure about the work that needs doing, or feel unable or unsafe to make repairs yourself, to enlist the help of a professional tradesperson. Providing photos may also help them to assess the work that needs doing more promptly. We hope this gives you some ideas about what to do in the event of a storm, and that you can keep safe, dry and warm in your park home.

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Published – 10/03/23