Accidental Damage Cover for your Park Home Contents

Accidental damage cover is an add on to standard contents insurance. It can help you in the event of those spillages, breakages and scratches, which occasionally happen to us all in or around the home.

Momentary lapses and small accidents can seem small but sometimes can nevertheless lead to large replacement or repair costs and plenty of unnecessary hassle – have you ever dropped an iron on the carpet, for instance?

So, it may be worth you thinking about adding accidental damage cover for your park home and its contents. The reassurance that can come from knowing you are covered for the inevitable everyday mishaps is something to consider when deciding what cover you need.

Types of accidental damage claims on park home insurance

The claims we receive tell us about the kind of things that regularly get damaged and that may be covered under our accidental damage cover. The story all these claims really tells us is how easily accidents do happen.

It is easy to imagine that you might leave a pair of glasses on a chair, only for someone else (or you) to sit on them later. A visiting grandchild might spill something, staining a carpet, a piece of furniture or the curtains. You might even find yourself, as one claimant did, stepping on your own dropped hearing-aid as you search on your drive way for it. Alternatively, you could be watching helplessly as someone unknowingly drives over the phone that had just slipped from your fingers.

For some items, like phones, it is important make sure that you have specified them and that they are indeed included in your cover. For some things you may need to look at our valuables and possessions cover, which protects items, which are usually worn, used or carried by you or your family in daily life, against loss or damage in or away from the home. This is also available as an additional extra to our standard cover.

Accidental damage cover gives you the reassurance that a small lapse of concentration or one butter-fingered moment is not a disaster. So, the next time you fetch a can from the cupboard next to the cooker, if it slips from your hand and breaks the hob, you can reach for the phone and call us. With accidental damage cover, you can fix the results of a small mistake like this with as little hassle and as simply as possible.

Please note that your contents are not covered for accidental damage when your park home is lent, let or sub-let. All park home insurance cover is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions.

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Published – 23/09/2022