Ten Easy Storage Solutions for Inside your Park Home

There is no shortage out there of ideas and innovation when it comes to storage solutions for park homes and other smaller living spaces. You may be fortunate enough to be at the stage of ordering a bespoke park home and so able to build-in to your home some clever storage ideas. However, even with the best planning, possessions can accumulate over years while the size of your home remains unchanged.

In these circumstances, the benefits of a few storage solutions that can be easily added on to an existing home can be enormous. If nothing else, clearer floors and surfaces can bring a remarkable sense of calm and peace to your park home interior. Here, we have collected some of the simplest ideas to provide ten easy storage solutions in your park home.

  1. Hanging shelves and cupboard shelves

Before you do anything drastic to your pristine park home walls, hanging shelves are an option to consider. Using existing fixtures in your wardrobes or shelving units, these extra shelves can be hooked up to instantly multiply the storage space available to you. You can also create more useable storage space in cupboards with tall shelves simply by adding a freestanding set of shelves.

  1. Storage solutions for drawers

You may be one of the many people who have that drawer in the kitchen where everything without a home has ended up. Tools, odd bits of string, spare batteries and the occasional instruction manual for something you don’t possess any more seem to have filled it to the brim. You may be surprised at the difference some drawer organisers can make. Organising your stuff in any of the storage space you use can make a big difference as you utilise the space more efficiently. You can easily see what’s in the drawer and decide whether you actually need that old instruction manual! You may even find that a few drawer dividers in a couple of drawers can encourage a more organised approach everywhere.

  1. Over-door hangers

You may not be able to, or want to, start drilling holes in your beautiful park home, so fixtures and fittings that don’t need any D.I.Y. are worth investigating. There is a huge range of over-door hangers on the market, which simply slot over the top of a door. No need for drills, screws or damage to your walls or doors.

  1. Adhesive hooks

Another alternative DIY dodging device you may want to consider, is the adhesive hook or command hook® as it is sometimes known. The strong, easy to use adhesive strips on these make them a safe alternative for towels and gowns. You may find them the simplest method to save a bit of wardrobe space.

  1. Vacuum bags

You can use these for anything, but they are especially good storage solutions for soft items like bedding, blankets, cushions, spare curtains and clothes. When you attach the hose of your vacuum cleaner to the nozzle on the bag and suck all the air out, the vacuum bag will preserve and seal whatever is inside. They have the added advantage of keeping everything you put in them clean and pest free. With all the air removed, the volume of your stuff is also reduced and you can get much more into the same storage space.

  1. Storage solution for shoes

You may have noticed how loose pairs of shoes on the floor can slowly invade a room, often taking over the hallway in your park home. A multi-levelled shoe bench or shoe rack can help you with this problem. Particularly when you place your shoe bench under an existing coat rack or hangers, it can make a big difference to your floor space. You can use the otherwise redundant area which is under your coats.

  1. Under bed storage solutions

If you want to keep things like spare linen out of sight but easily accessible it is worth thinking about the space under your bed. You can use this space in many different ways, from sliding drawers, trays on wheels and simple plastic containers. Your choice will probably be determined largely by what you want to store there and how important other considerations, like aesthetics and cost, are to you.

  1. Ottoman bed

If you want to create more space under your bed with maximum convenience, an ottoman bed, with built-in storage may be worth thinking about. These will allow the mattress to be raised, or a similar mechanism, to give easier access to the space beneath. As with all under bed storage, some bending and lifting will be required, so consider your mobility before you use this space for items you need to access regularly.

  1. Hanging baskets as a clothes storage solution

For some of your items, like socks or gloves and scarves, you may be happy with a basket in which to store them. Hanging baskets, like hanging shelves, provide a quick and simple solution to increase your available space.

  1. Multi clothes hangers

You may find it difficult to throw clothes away and need more space inside your wardrobe. One ingenious and widely-available solution you may want to try is the multi-hanger. Some cheap versions of this are somewhat flimsy so it is worth shopping around for a good one. You can create a lot of space with these as they concertina together when not in use, greatly expanding the capacity of your wardrobe rails. 

We hope you find these ideas for storage solutions inside your park home helpful. However you store the contents of your park home, make sure you have the right insurance cover. Call us on 01604 946 796 or request a quotation online and one of our award-winning team will take you through the process quickly to find out what suits your needs best. 

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Published – 30/09/2022