Selling or Gifting a Park Home

Are you thinking about gifting or selling a park home? If you are, you may find the following information useful.

The process for selling a park home:

  1. You must fill in a ‘Notice of Proposed Sale’ form for park homes in order to sell your home.
  2. You will probably want to inform the residential park owner or management of the sale. It is worth noting here that the park owner cannot legally insist on this or interfere in any way with your right to sell.
  3. Be aware that your park owner is entitled to up to 10% commission on the selling price of your home. You may want to consult with them before hand to ascertain the exact rate that they will expect.
  4. You should inform the buyer of certain information, which will affect their decision and may change their calculations. This will include things like the pitch fee and the commission the park owner expects.
  5. On the sale, the pitch agreement must be assigned (transferred) to the new owner of the park home.
  6. Once you have completed step 5 above, you will need to ask the buyer to fill in a ‘Notice of Assignment’ form so they can pay the commission to the site owner.
  7. Although you are free to sell your park home, you may want to consult the conditions of residence of your residential park (such as any age restrictions) so you do not meet with an objection from the park management. In order to legally object to a sale, the park owner or management must apply to a tribunal.
  8. You can sell your park home without a solicitor or a surveyor but you may find it reassuring to consult specialist, independent professional advice before you decide to sell to a particular party.
  9. You may want to take advantage of the free independent advice that is available. LEASE is a government-funded organisation and may be a useful place for you to start. Their website can be found here:

The process for gifting a park home:

You may, instead of selling, wish to pass on your park home to a relative. You have the right to gift your park home to a family member by passing on your agreement to them.

  1. You will need to use a ‘Notice of Proposed Gift’ form in order to prove to the park owner how you are related to the family member who is to carry on the agreement on your home.
  2. If you wish to pass on your park home as an inheritance to your husband, wife or civil partner or a family member living with you at the time you die, they will be able to carry on your agreement.
  3. If you want to gift your home to someone who is not your husband, wife or civil partner, they will have to get the approval of the site owner to live there.

For more detailed information, forms to download and advice, you can consult the government website here: 

Park home insurance

Of course, if you sell or gift your park home to someone, you’ll also need to inform your park home insurance company of the sale or gift. In addition, the new owner will need to take out their own park home insurance policy.

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Published – 16/02/24