Home Emergency Cover for your UK Holiday Home

Even though we all hope it will not be necessary, home emergency cover for your UK holiday home is worth considering. It could be a decision that might turn out, one day, to save the day. Home emergency cover is designed to keep you covered and get speedy help to you in situations that can be distressing and difficult.

If you have a sudden electrical failure, an unexpected leak, a faulty or blocked drain, your boiler stops working, a storm damages your roof, you suffer water ingress, or you discover a pest infestation, you can find yourself with a temporarily uninhabitable holiday home. The speed that you can sort these problems out, can really matter, for your well-being and to prevent further damage and more costs.

Home emergency cover is designed to give you the cover you need to respond quickly in such circumstances. It is designed to remove as many barriers to a swift solution as possible. You don’t want to be worrying about searching for reputable professionals in the middle of an emergency or negotiating call-out charges or searching around for alternative, affordable accommodation if you suddenly need it.

If you have home emergency cover for your UK holiday home, with one phone call, you can have a professional come to you. There’s no call-out charge and they will resolve the emergency whenever possible. You are covered to a value of up to £1,000 per claim. If it is not possible to resolve the issue quickly enough (according to a professional assessment), you are covered for temporary accommodation under the policy. You are never left high and dry (or drenched or cold or in the dark – depending on your emergency).

Cover when you’re away from your holiday home

As a holiday home owner, you will be aware that problems can crop up when you are not there. Either your home is unoccupied, or you have a guest staying. Unable to make any repairs or take any measures yourself, it might be best for you to be able to make that phone call and know that a reputable professional will soon be dealing with the issue.

If you haven’t already, you may want to consider enlisting the help of someone trustworthy and local to your holiday home, who can grant access to a worker. Someone to monitor your home can also provide invaluable warnings when time is of the essence.

As you think about home emergency cover, you may want to review your maintenance schedule, as the home emergency policy does not cover issues of daily wear and tear and maintenance. Below, you can find the events that are covered in the home emergency cover for UK holiday homes:

Plumbing & Drainage

Leaks caused by the unexpected failure of the drainage system or internal plumbing (including central heating pipes).

Primary Heating System

Cover for the complete breakdown of the central heating system which results in the loss of heating and/or hot water.


Emergency repairs following missing, broken or loose tiles causing internal water damage.

Alternative Heating

Receive up to £50 towards the cost of alternative heating sources where these are deemed necessary in the event a claim has occurred.

Internal Electricity

Covers your internal electrics supplying power to your holiday home following electrical failure of at least one complete circuit.

Pest Infestation

Cover for the removal of certain types of pest infestation (such as a wasp or hornet nest, mice, rats or cockroaches) from the holiday home.

Boiler Replacement Contribution

Contribution of up to £500 towards the cost of a brand-new like for like replacement upon production of an original receipt for payment.

Overnight Accommodation

Overnight accommodation only where it has not been possible to resolve the emergency following an accepted claim for emergency repairs by a contractor under another section of the policy and the home is rendered uninhabitable in the opinion of the Claims Helpline Service.

You will not have to pay excess on items covered in your emergency home cover and there is no limit to the amount of claims you can make. You will find that we have designed this policy to remove the most common barriers to your ability to swiftly tackle an emergency problem.

Please note that home emergency cover is designed to work alongside your normal buildings and contents insurance for your UK holiday home, not to replace it. So the £1000 upper limit does not mean that if, for example, a leak causes more damage than that, you are not covered. This should all fall under your normal contents and buildings cover. Home emergency cover is only to cover you so you can deal with the immediate emergency swiftly and easily. You may find that it is right for you and is precisely what you need when you most need it.

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Published – 09/02/24