Getting your Static Caravan Insurance Right

As with all insurance, getting your static caravan buildings insurance right is mostly a matter of looking for value for money and genuine assurance.

A static caravan is a serious financial commitment and so it is important to get the right static caravan insurance cover. This is not only to protect your investment, but to allow you to relax and enjoy your holiday home with the full assurance that you are covered.

Shop around and perhaps look out for the key features of any cover you should get that we have highlighted in this quick guide. Compare cover and price, being careful to consider both as a package rather than one over the other. The right balance will be something personal to you and your circumstances.

The static caravan buildings insurance provider

Will you be happy dealing with the company providing your static caravan insurance? How clear and helpful are they? Is their website and their policy information easy to understand? How easy will a claim be if you need to make one, possibly in stressful circumstances? Who underwrites their insurance? Can you speak to someone easily on the phone or by chat on their website?

A static caravan is a specific type of building with its own specific strengths and vulnerabilities. More importantly, static caravan owners each have their own specific needs and conditions to meet. Make sure your insurer is truly experienced with static caravans and their owners and has a track record of excellent service. It is always a good idea to read customer reviews of the insurer you are considering.

The buildings insurance cover for your static caravan

The first thing is to be clear about your own circumstances and be honest about the condition and specific use you intend for your static caravan. The more accurate the information you have, the easier it is for your insurance company and you to find exactly the right insurance cover.

Is the static caravan just for you and your loved ones or are you intending to lend it to friends and family or to let it out?  Being able to make your policy fit your precise circumstances allows you to get real value for money.

Check that your static caravan buildings cover includes the following as standard:

  • Flood, fire, storm, explosion, lightning and earthquake damage
  • Damage caused by attempted theft
  • New for old up to twenty years
  • Clearing the site in the event of total loss
  • Cladding
  • Temporary accommodation and loss of rent following a total loss of your static caravan
  • Falling trees
  • Up to £10,000 of emergency service cover
  • Property Owner’s Liability of £5 million
  • Replacement keys up to £1000 in the event of theft or loss
  • Malicious damage by tenants with the option to cover up to £5000 and accidental damage by tenants.
  • Escape of water and metred water up to £1000
  • Fire Brigade costs up to £750
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes
  • Delivery and installation of a new static caravan in a new for old policy

Remember your obligations

Be aware that most parks will require you to be insured as a condition of use. You will also need to maintain a certain level of regular maintenance and upkeep. This will usually be required by both your park and the insurer. Your insurer will also need to be informed should you make any changes to the structure, like adding decking or awnings etc. Keeping good written and photographic records of maintenance and work done on your static caravan is good practice and can really help if you do ever have to make a claim.

If in doubt, ask us

If you are unsure, one of our experienced specialists will happily go through your options and ask all the right questions, to make sure you are covered, however you decide to use your static caravan in the future.

Using our fast and efficient static caravan quotation request system, with easy to answer questions, our insurance team will provide static caravan owners with a personalised quotation against a range of perils such as: Flood, Fire, Theft, Storm, Vandalism. If you suffer a total loss, new for old cover is available as an option for static caravans less than 20 years old.  You can read our static caravan insurance policy in detail here.

In addition to buildings insurance, take a look at our Contents Insurance and Home Emergency Cover for even more assistance in those times when you really need it.

This is a marketing article from Park Home Assist, multi award-winning providers of static caravan insurance.   If you would like to speak to an advisor regarding insurance for your static caravan, please contact our friendly team in our Northampton office on 01604 946 796.

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Published – 19/08/21