Park Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is the ideal time for seeing what work needs to be done on your park home and this park home maintenance checklist is designed to help you get started. Regular maintenance may well save you money in the long run, make your park home more comfortable and a home to be proud of.

General wear and tear is not covered by standard park home insurance buildings cover, so it’s important to keep up to date with your maintenance jobs.

Park Home Chassis Maintenance

The Chassis of a park home is often overlooked or taken for granted. A failing chassis can lead to water damage and other structural problems in the rest of your park home. It is fundamental to the structure and integrity of your park home. The underside of your park home is exposed to the elements and the build-up of water, snow and mud. The chassis is usually made of steel and so needs to be checked regularly for signs of corrosion, particularly on the support jacks. Some will need bracing or support jacks adding or replacing. It is a good idea to get your chassis treated against corrosion, to minimise the need for this kind of work and to prolong the life of your park home.

The Grounds

  1. Make sure you make the site of your park home safe from trip hazards and other risks are minimised.
  2. Clean decking regularly of moss and algae.
  3. Check surrounding trees for damage which may cause a hazard.
  4. Keep the underside of your park home clear of rubbish and garden debris as this can present a fire hazard and make maintenance access difficult.
  5. Regularly check connections to any outside lighting for safety. Check for corrosion or other damage and repair or replace damaged units.
  6. Clean gutters and drains of debris and blockages to avoid flooding and water damage.

Fuel Storage

Regularly check the connections to any cylinders stored on the outside of your park home. It is a good idea to secure these with quick release straps to enable swift action in case you need to move them away from your park home in a hurry in the event of a fire.

Roofing and Cladding

Regularly clean the outside of your park home. The roof should be cleaned of moss and algae and missing tiles or boards should be replaced or mended. Treatments are available for the roof and other outside surfaces to protect them from the elements. It is worth looking at these often, as refurbishment and protection is a better option than replacement. As well as adding to the life of your park home, such treatments can often increase insulation and make your park home more comfortable and economical to live in too.


It is well worth getting your pipes lagged professionally to prevent frost damage and avoid flooding. Some companies will guarantee this work for as long as fifteen years.

Park Home Interior

The following should be in your maintenance schedule.

  1. Annual boiler and heating service
  2. Regularly inspect and clear all air vents
  3. Make sure windows and doors are working and fastenings and locks are all sound.
  4. Check appliances regularly and replace or repair any that are faulty or unsafe
  5. Check the power supply for your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms regularly. Ensure that they are working properly on a regular basis. Do this at least as often as the manufacturers recommend.

We hope this park home maintenance checklist helps you to organise and keep up to date with your park home maintenance.

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Published – 28/04/21