‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover

What is ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover and do you need it?

‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover is extra assurance to help you relax and enjoy the best of times in your residential or holiday park home. As a park home owner, you will know that no matter how well you maintain and look after your park home, emergencies do still happen. This is why our Home Emergency Cover runs alongside our home and contents insurance, to reassure you that help is available when you need that extra, immediate assistance.

Help to cope with the unexpected

After all, in any home, plumbing does sometimes fail in the middle of the night. The electricity does occasionally go out. A storm can take a few tiles from the roof. The boiler can suddenly develop a fault and give up the ghost in the depths of winter. Pests can even decide that your lovely warm park home is the place for them to take up residence!

We all know that events like these are hard to plan for and are as much about the disruption and hassle as the sudden financial costs involved. Our Home Emergency Cover is designed to help with both. Not only do we provide up to £1000 towards the costs incurred in these emergencies, our Home Emergency Cover helps you to resolve the problem from the outset.

A professional service by your side

In the middle of an emergency, you don’t want to have to hurriedly search online or in listings to find a reliable, good value contractor to help at such short notice. Our ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover provides you with one company to deal with should any of the events included in its cover occur.

‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover to help resolve the problem

With ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover, you get more than the assurance of being covered for the aftermath of an emergency, you receive active assistance. We will send a contractor out, with no call-out charges, to help you to resolve any of the following emergencies:

  • Complete breakdown of primary heating
  • Leaks caused by drainage or internal plumbing failure
  • The complete failure of at least one electrical circuit
  • Water Damage caused by missing, damaged or loose roof tiles
  • Pest infestation

Taking care of you as well as your property with ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover

We also provide £50 for alternative heating and alternative overnight accommodation, should the issue not be resolved by the contractor we send and your home be temporarily uninhabitable. If your boiler needs replacing, we will cover up to £500 of the cost of a brand new like-for-like replacement. All of the provision in our ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover is designed to give you the reassurance you need to minimise any interruption to the enjoyment of your park home and help you to enjoy it to the full.

For more information go to our detailed product page ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover or call one of our experienced specialists on 01604 946 796.

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Published – 12/05/21