Park Home Security – 10 Tips to Help You Feel Safer in Your Park Home 

You may be thinking about improving your park home security as theft is unfortunately an ever-present threat. If you insure your park home with Park Home Assist, it’s good to know you have the assurance of award-winning service, should you need to make a claim. However, we understand that it is always preferable if you can take some steps to minimise the risk to you and your property.

Your park home security is about living peacefully and comfortably, being able to relax in your home in the knowledge you have done what you can to deter and stop thieves. Here are a few park home security tips you may find useful.

  1. Location

If you are looking for a new park home in a new residential park it may be worth thinking about security and how important it is to you. You might want a residential park with gated, key only access and their own security patrols. Residential park managers should be happy to tell you their security arrangements, if you ask.

  1. Alarms

Prominently displaying your alarm can itself provide an effective deterrent to opportunist thieves. There is a wide range of choice when it comes to the type of alarm system you have installed. You may in the end want to follow police advice that it is better to have one than not, whatever your budget allows.

  1. Door and window locks

An online search brings up an array of locks for doors and windows. You may want to double any single-locked doors and add window locks where there are none already. You may also want to think about restricting the movement of doors and windows with door-chains, stops or other devices. You may feel that bit safer knowing that they cannot be fully opened from outside, even when unlocked.

  1. Timed lighting

When you go away for more than a day, it is natural to be more concerned about your park home’s security, especially during the winter months. Timed lighting systems come in many types and might be suitable for you to make your home looked more ‘lived in’ when you go away.

  1. Outside lighting

You may want to think about how easy it is to approach your property undetected. Outside lighting, controlled either manually, by timer or by movement sensors, can make it much more difficult to approach your property undetected. Outside lighting gives you another layer of deterrence. You might want to consider solar power for your outside lights or ones with a battery backup, so that you remain secure in the event of a power outage.

  1. Security Cameras

You might also want to consider installing security cameras on your property. If you are thinking about this, you may need to talk to your park management about the positioning of the cameras. You don’t want to inadvertently breach your neighbours’ privacy. Also, they may already have their own system in place. Again, the mere sight of cameras on your park home might deter an opportunist thief.

  1. Neighbourhood watch schemes

If you have good relations with your neighbours, this alone can increase your level of security. Keeping an eye out for each other can have many benefits, security being one of them.

A neighbourhood watch scheme allows you to formalise this and have mechanisms to raise the alarm for each other and to contact the police discreetly. If you simply advertise your membership of such a scheme with a window sticker prominently displayed this might provide you with one more deterrent.

You may also want to talk to your park management about how they advertise their own security measures. If they have CCTV for instance, is this clearly signposted on the park’s perimeter? Such measures can deter thieves from even entering the park.

  1. Awareness

No one wants to be thinking about their security all the time, that might defeat the object of making your home secure. Nor should you spend too much time trying to think like an opportunist thief, in order to deter them.

However, being aware of moments in the day when you may be vulnerable may help keep you safe. Is the front door locked when you are out the back? Did you leave anything valuable or on view outside before you came in just to get a drink?  You could benefit from this level of awareness as you go about your day, without becoming overly worried.

  1. Property Marking

Many residential parks will provide a property marking service and be involved with a local property register. You can also register your valuables on a national online property register. If your property is marked and registered, then think about placing a sticker in your window to advertise the fact and deter thieves. This does not just make your park home more secure, but helps your neighbours too, as it makes the park a much less attractive prospect for thieves.

  1. A safe

Finally, it may be a good idea for items of high value and important documents to keep a safe. If you can get one that is easily concealed and that can be securely attached to the floor or wall, you may rest easier. You will at least know that stealing your prized possessions is a significantly more difficult thing to do and so much less likely to happen.

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Published – 24/11/23