Park Home Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about insurance policies from Park Home Assist

Do you offer discounts if I don’t make any claims on my Park Home Insurance?

Yes, we can give you up to 20% no claims discounts. We also offer an age discount of 10% for anyone aged over 50 buying our Park Home Insurance and there are a number of parks who also receive discounted rates.

Do Park Home Assist insure homes on the Park where I live?

At Park Home Assist, we currently insure 1 in 5 Residential Park Homes in the UK, so chances are, yes, we do. In fact, for some Parks we offer a 20% discount on Park Home insurance as we know them so well.

I prefer to buy my Park Home insurance online, why can’t I get an insurance quote from you online?

We find that all our customers need slightly different things from their Park Home insurance policy, and whilst we try to cover every question online we find it’s better to talk you through the Park Home insurance policy and answer your questions directly. You can ask us to ring you, or, if you prefer, you can call us directly. When you call 01604 946 796, you’ll get straight through to one of our advisers in Northampton who’ll take you through a Park Home insurance quote to insure your Park home.

I need immediate cover for my Park Home; can you arrange this for me?

Yes, if you call us for a quote on 01604 946 796 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm or on a Saturday 9am to 1pm we can sort out your Park Home insurance cover out for you there and then.

I am already a Park Home Assist policyholder and I need to make a claim, how do I get in touch?

You can find all our claims numbers on our Contact us page. The number for Park Home insurance claims is 0344 856 3810, and our claims team will happy to assist you.

I am a Park Home Assist policyholder and I want to recommend you to my neighbours, can I earn extra discounts on my Park Home insurance if I do this?

Yes, you can, we’ll give you £15 off your Park Home insurance renewal premium for every friend you recommend. You can find out more here. Just let us have your friend’s email address alongside your own details and once your friend has taken out an insurance policy with Assist Insurance Services, we’ll put a credit of £15 against your Park Home insurance renewal with us next year. In addition, they will receive a £15 discount off their home insurance too thanks to you!

Questions you may have about covering your Park Home

Do I really need specialist Park Home Insurance?

Yes, Residential and Leisure Park Homes are considered to be a ‘non-standard’ risk by insurance companies. This means that your insurance policy must state that it covers a Park Home specifically. If you think about it, your home is built out of plywood, metal and timber. These materials are very different to the standard bricks and mortar construction insurers are used to dealing with, and also require different tradesmen to carryout any repair.

Will the Park Home Assist policy cover the base that my Park Home sits on?

No, the base is the park owner’s responsibility. So, if the base suffers any damage (such as subsidence) it is their responsibility to claim or repair it, not yours.

My Park Owner provides insurance for my Park Home, do I have to use their insurer?

You can use the insurance provided by your Park Owner, but they can’t insist that you do, in fact it is illegal for them to do so. The Park Owner is likely to need proof that your home is covered by an appropriate Park Home Insurance policy. We work with Park owners and Park Home manufacturers to make sure that our policies provide the right sort of cover for you.

Do you provide insurance cover for older Park Homes?

Yes, we do cover older Park Homes. We don’t have any age restrictions on buildings listed in our policy.

I have a garden shed, is that covered under my Park Home insurance policy?

Let us know when you speak to our advisor so that we can make sure you get exactly the cover you need but theft of the contents is included.

How much should I cover my Park Home for?

Don’t worry about this as our Park Home insurance policy provides you up to £500,000 cover for your home (excluding its contents) and our policy will also provide cover for site clearance, transportation and re-siting of your replacement home as standard.

Do you offer new for old cover for my Park Home?

In most cases, homes are repaired, however if your Park Home is damaged beyond economical repair we will replace it with an equivalent new Park Home. Our insurance policies also cover site clearance, transportation and re-siting as standard. Your contents is covered on a new for old basis other than for household linen and clothing.

I live on a Park that has been flooded in the past, will you still provide cover for my Park home?

Yes, we do provide cover, however we may need to exclude flood from your policy. Call us on 01604 946 796 and we can check this for you.

How long can I leave my Park Home unoccupied for at any time?

If your Park Home is unoccupied for up to 30 consecutive days, that’s no problem. If you need to leave your home unoccupied for more than 30 days, you need to make sure that you have a responsible person to check it inside and out, at least every 30 days. When your Park Home is left without an occupant for 30 consecutive days valuables are excluded from this insurance. If you leave your Park Home unoccupied between 1st November and 31st March (both days inclusive), if the home is left without an occupant for more than 48 hours you must ensure that the main water supply is turned off at the first point of entry of the water supply to your Park Home. Where the home is left without an occupant for 14 consecutive days you also need to empty all water tanks by leaving both hot and cold water taps fully open. If you wish to leave the water supply turned on between 1st November and 31st March (both days inclusive), you must ensure that: The entire home benefits from a heating system that is gas or oil fired central heating or a geothermal or full electric heating system (not night storage heaters). This must be fitted with automatic controls and a separate thermostat. The system must be set to operate continuously for 24 hours of each day (not controlled by any timing device) and the thermostat set at not less than 10 degrees Celsius and, where fitted, the loft hatch door left open. Or if the heating system as described above is installed and is additionally fitted with a ‘frost stat’ that is designed and installed to override all other heating controls, irrespective of their functional status, then this may be set to operate at not less than 4 degrees Celsius.

Your questions about Park Home Legal Expenses

Can I use this policy to defend myself against legal action?

Yes the policy provides cover for legal costs to defend you against a breach of contract for selling goods as a private seller in relation to your Park Home providing the amount disputed exceeds £250 plus vat.

I have a dispute with the owner of the Park that my Park Home is situated on. Can I use this policy to pursue a claim?

Yes providing the dispute started more than 90 days after you took the policy out and the legal team feel there is a reasonable chance of your claim being successful

How much is Legal Expenses cover?

£12 for twelve months cover which needs to run in conjunction with your Park Home Insurance policy, so we can add this extension to your policy when you first take out your Park Home insurance product or at renewal.

Who is the underwriter of Park Home Legal Expenses?

Your policy is administrated by Arc Legal Assistance Limited and underwritten by AMTrust Europe Limited. Arc Legal Assistance can be contacted on 0344 770 1040 if you need advice or wish to make a claim

Do I have to pay for the advice?

The legal helpline is free and can help you decide if you wish to pursue or defend a claim. There is no cost to do this but some policy limits apply to certain sections of your policy where the claim value needs to exceed £250. These are detailed in the policy wording and our significant exclusions section of the website.

Why do I need Legal Expenses Insurance?

We would all hope not to have to use an insurance product but when it comes to Legal Expenses cover most of us would never have the energy, confidence or money to pursue a large company on our own and even though you are happy with your current park owner, parks change hands and there is no guarantee that the next park owner will be quite as accommodating as your current one. Sadly in today’s world there are heavy-handed employers, litigious neighbours and cowboy builders that we don’t know when we could be effected by their work and it’s good to have a strong legal team on your side for just £1 a month. Also remember only a very small minority of people are eligible for legal aid, and with fees in the region of £180 per hour (outside London), expert assistance does not come cheap. Although you will know if you need the cover approximately 3 in every 4 of our policyholders opt to have this as cover.

Your questions about taking out an insurance policy with Park Home Assist

Do I have to pay for my Park Home insurance policy all in one go?

No, we offer flexible payment terms on our Park Home insurance policies, you can opt to pay with 12 monthly payments, and there is only a small charge to do so. Ask about our payment terms, when you call us for a quote on 01604 946 796.

I want to pay for my Park Home insurance by card, do you charge extra to use a credit or debit card?

No, we don’t charge you extra to use your cards to pay for your Park Home Insurance policy. We accept most major credit and debit cards and we don’t charge you extra to use either.

My friend already has a policy with you and they say I can have a discount on my Park Home insurance, what do I need to do?

It’s very easy to sort out, get your friend to tell us your email address by completing the form here, you’ll then get an email. Click on the link in that email and enjoy £15 off your quoted premium. Alternatively when you call us, please let us know who it is and their home number and we will apply the necessary discounts.

Who are Park Home Assist?

Park Home Assist is an insurance broker and part of Assist Insurance Services Ltd. We launched in 2005 and we specialise in providing insurance to the Leisure industry. We not only cover Park Homes, we also cover touring and static caravans, motorhomes, marine, cars (owned by Park Home owners), and Holiday Homes. We are still owned and run by husband and wife team, Claire and Steve Leech.

Is there an advantage to having my Park Home Insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London?

All insurers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and this policy is underwritten by Canopius Managing Agents who are a Lloyd’s underwriter formed in 2003. They are one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market and wrote almost one billion pounds of insurance premium in 2016. Lloyd’s of London is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. It is supported a AA- (Very Strong) Insurer Financial Strength rating from the rating agency Fitch, A+ (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s and an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best so provides excellent security to policyholders. When your policy is underwritten by a Lloyd’s underwriter you have the added peace of mind that even if the underwriter goes out of business then the Lloyd’s market take on the risk and will settle any claims for that insurer. You don’t get this extra level of security from non-Lloyd’s insurers.

Questions you may have about covering your possessions

Do I have to cover my contents with you when I take out buildings cover for my Park Home?

Unfortunately we are only able to provide Buildings and Contents cover and can’t insure building or contents on their own.

How much contents cover do I need?

Often, when you buy a new Park Home, the manufacturer will include furniture and appliances in the cost of the home. However, when taking out insurance, these items are considered to be contents, so you should make sure that your contents cover takes this into account. Our policy provides up to £60,000 cover for the contents within your Park Home, which we find is more than adequate for most Park Home owners.

How much does something need to be worth for it to be classed as a ‘Valuable’?

We define valuables as jewellery, furs, gold, silver, gold or silver-plated items and works of art (paintings and sculptures). We offer optional Valuables and Personal Possession cover which covers any item up to £1,000 without you needing to specify the item. So, you need to specify any item that is valued at more than £1,000 when you add this cover to your policy.

Is my garden furniture covered?

Yes, we provide up to £1,000 in any one period of insurance for items such as garden furniture.

Your questions about making claims with Park Home Assist

How do I make a claim on my Park Home Assist insurance policy?

Call our claims team on 0344 856 3810.

Do I have to pay an excess?

Yes, our current standard excess is £100 for most claims on our Park Home insurance policies. It is £1,000 for subsidence claims.

Do I have to use the insurer’s approved repairer?

No, but we do recommend that you do, as their work will be guaranteed for 12 months. It also means that all the hassle of sorting out job estimates and actually getting the work done is handled for you. Our repairers are skilled Park Home engineers, and we find them as the best type of repairer to carry out such repairs. Many of them used to work for Park Home Manufacturers. However if you want to use your own repairer, you may do so as long as their estimate for the repairs is acceptable.

Do I have to deal with a different claims company for my claim?

All our claims are handled by an award winning Claims Company called Davies Group, who handle many large insurers claims. However, we also have our own in-house claims coordinator, who will be watching your claim and will ensure that your claim is handled with the utmost efficiency throughout. Our claims service was shortlisted and won a claims award in 2017. Our Park Home Insurance Claims team won the Insurance Claims Excellence Award in 2017.

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