Beware Of Rogue Traders Who Could Be Operating In Your Area

Following the recent storms, there have been many Park Home residents experience damage to their park homes, whether that be roof damage, guttering damage etc.

However, it has been brought to our attention that there are rogue traders operating in some areas, who are knocking on doors, claiming that they have been sent by the residents insurer and have spotted damage to the park home owners home. They claim they are there to repair the damage and for the resident to pay the trader cash, and for the resident to claim from their insurer any costs they incur. This happened to one of our clients. If our client had done what the trader asked them to do, they would have been out of pocket in excess of £850 and no guarantee of the work carried out.

This is not how insurers work and Park Home residents are being taken advantage of by rogue traders.

If you see that you have damage to your Park Home as a result of storm damage, you should do the following:

  1. Contact your insurer on their claims telephone line and report the damage to them. You are likely to receive a claim reference number.
  2. Your insurer is likely to do one of the following:
    • Arrange for someone to come and inspect the damage;
    • Ask you to arrange for a contractor to come and inspect the damage and submit a report;

Regardless as to which solution your insurer chooses, you should know who and when the Park Home Specialist will be coming to your property.

  1. If someone attends your property unannounced stating that they are from your insurer, request their name and company name and contact your insurer immediately for clarification. Do not let them into your home until your insurer confirms their identity.
  2. You will then be notified by your insurer how your claim will proceed, once they have received a report regarding the damage.

Please be very wary of anyone who knocks on your door unannounced, and if you are alone, get a friend, neighbour or your Park Manager to help with such unannounced strangers.


The team at Park Home Assist would like to wish you a very Happy New Year!

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Published – 04/01/24