Legal Expenses Cover

Legal expenses cover is an optional benefit that you can purchase annually alongside your park home insurance. As such, you may want to think about why you may need this type of cover. This short article is designed to help you with the questions you may have about legal expenses cover.

Why do I need legal expenses cover?

You never know when you might need legal representation. Your legal costs, if you do need a lawyer, can be significant. You may encounter circumstances where you need to defend yourself against being sued, you want to make a claim against someone else, or you just need legal advice.  In such cases, legal expenses cover could be the only way for you to realistically exercise your rights or pursue your legitimate interests.

What type of situation does it cover?

  1. Consumer Pursuit

A tradesman leaves a job half done or goods you have rented and been charged for are not delivered and you are refused a refund. These are not everyday events, we hope, but they are not uncommon.

With legal expenses cover, you are covered for legal costs to pursue an action due to a breach of contract for goods or services you buy or rent for your private use in relation to the insured property. This includes disputes related to the sale of your park home.

  1. Personal Injury

If you have an accident which results in personal injury or death, Legal expenses will help you pursue compensation from the people or organisations responsible.

  1. Property Infringement

If you have a neighbour who walks his dog on your lawn and won’t listen to reason when you ask them to desist, or have a neighbour that plays loud music late at night you may reluctantly, need to pursue a legal resolution.

Legal expenses cover includes costs to pursue a legal action for nuisance or trespass against a person or organisation infringing your legal rights in relation to your park home.

  1. Property Damage

Whilst your park home insurance will cover most damage to your property, if your property is damaged through someone else’s negligence, you may still want to pursue the party responsible for compensation.

Legal expenses cover includes costs to pursue a legal action for financial compensation for damages against any person or organisation that has caused physical damage to your park home.

  1. Pitch Dispute

Most park owners are honourable and understand the rules and legal regulations governing their business and how they run the park in which you live. You may still, however, experience problems with the management or owner of your park. An unexpected or unannounced hike in pitch fees beyond regulatory limits, for example, could lead you to seek legal assistance.

Legal Expenses Cover includes legal action in respect of a dispute with the owner of the park on which your insured property is sited.

  1. Employment Disputes

Legal Expenses Cover may also be help to you in an employment tribunal should you have a dispute with your employer or an ex-employer for breach of your:

a) Contract of employment; or

b) Your legal rights under employment legislation

  1. Probate

If you find yourself contesting a will as a named beneficiary or as a member of a class of beneficiaries with an immediate interest, you may be surprised to know that legal expenses cover can assist here too. The costs incurred to pursue legal proceedings in a probate dispute are included under legal expenses cover.

  1. Personal Identity Fraud

The scope of our Legal Expenses Cover is quite broad. Also included are costs arising from personal identity fraud. If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of this modern crime, your Legal Expenses Cover will allow you:

  • To defend your legal rights and/or take steps to get County Court judgements arising from fraudulent use of your identity, removed.
  • To deal with any organisations pursuing you for monies due to fraudulent purchases or credit applications in your name.
  • To get legal representation to liaise with credit referencing agencies and other relevant organisations to advise that you have been the victim of identity fraud.
  1. Social Media Defamation

Defamation on social media can be damaging in many ways, not least financially and psychologically. Legal Expenses Cover allows you to engage a lawyer to write to the social media website in question (and where the author of the defamatory comments is known) requesting that the comments be removed.

What is the cost for Legal Expenses Cover?

For currently £14 per annum, you can rest assured that you will have access to legal representation should you need it in the types of circumstance listed above as well as access to a 24 hour domestic helpline.

We hope this article has alerted you to the wide range of situations in which Legal Expenses Cover might be needed and when it could really come in useful to you.

Remember, the legal expenses policy does not provide cover where something you do or fail to do prejudices your position or the position of the Insurer in connection with the legal action. As with all insurance, make sure the information you give when you purchase your policy is honest and accurate.

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Published – 22/12/23