Tina, (our Park Home Claims Controller) got a pleasant surprise from one of our policyholders, a big bouquet of flowers from a client who has been with us since 2016 insuring both her park home and her boiler with us. In the recent big chill, our 79 years young client (who lives on her own) found herself with no boiler, no heating and no hot water, and a very cold evening rapidly approaching.

Tina, and her repair team, pulled out all the stops to make sure the boiler was up and running before the night set in.

Our highly appreciative client was ‘over the moon’ from the service she received and Tina kept in contact throughout the process to make sure that the boiler was up and running.

Tina says ‘its part of my job to make sure things happen, but to receive a bouquet of flowers from an appreciative client, makes all the difference. I will endeavor to make sure that our clients continue to receive our award-winning service, after all that’s what our clients pay for.’

Whilst Park Home Assist Insurance Services endeavor to provide the very best cover at a competitive premium, it is when the ‘chips are down’ and a claim is made where we rise above all our competitors, which is why we are the only Park Home Insurance Company with an award-winning claims service.

Well done Tina!!