Making Your Park Home More Secure

While your insurance cover is there to help you deal with the consequences of theft, making your park home more secure, may help to avoid such a potentially upsetting experience. Prevention is so much better than cure and you can secure your park home with a few simple measures.

Thankfully, theft from park homes is a relatively rare occurrence, often due to the security measures of the park itself. However, it does happen, so we have put together some things to think about to help make your park home as secure as possible, so you can enjoy it safely and with peace of mind.

  1. Is your park a member of a “watch” scheme?

Many police forces with park homes in their area report that these schemes are effective in reducing crime.

  1. Is there dedicated security in your park?

Regular patrolling by professional security personnel is a good deterrent to anyone intent on criminal activity in the park.

  1. Is there on-site monitoring of alarm systems and CCTV?

It is worth asking about this because the existence of these measures alone is sometimes not enough to provide extra security. Monitoring these systems makes sure they actively discourage thieves and in turn helps to make your park home more secure.

  1. Does your park work with residents to reduce the risk of crime and theft?

Many parks will provide a property marking service and be involved with a local property register. If your property is marked and registered, then think about placing a sticker in your window to advertise the fact and deter thieves. This does not just make your park home more secure, but helps your neighbours too, as it makes the park a much less attractive prospect for thieves.

  1. Does your park advertise its security measures clearly?

Is it clear at the gates that security patrols and CCTV exists in your park? If you are a member of a “watch” scheme, are you provided with a way of advertising the fact? These measures may effectively prevent many potential thieves from even thinking about your park home as a potential target.

  1. Property removal

When you go out, think about the items you take with you. If something isn’t there, it can’t be stolen. The more you take, the less you need to worry about. When out, make sure that you don’t have any valuables on display and keep your curtains open so a thief can see that there is nothing that they can quickly grab. Try to avoid piling items up in the middle of the floor. You might know it is pile of old sheets or some laundry, but a thief might think there is something valuable underneath.

  1. Think about removing temptation for opportunists or ‘snatch’ thieves.

Property left on display near to an open door or window is vulnerable to opportunist thieves reaching in to steal it. Sadly, this can happen when you are in another part of your park home or relaxing outside. Keep your valuables and keys out of reach and out of sight.

  1. Fit a burglar alarm.

These can be ordered online and delivered to your front door. A basic one is simple to install and will give you peace of mind that others will be alerted if your park home is broken into.

  1. Fit a doorbell camera.

It can be well worth thinking about installing a doorbell camera. These are linked to your phone so you can see who is at your front door, whether you are in or out. Many also allow you to save the videos and send them to other people or even the police.

  1. Lockdown your Wi-Fi network.

If your park home is in a park where the homes are close by, then it might be worth securing your Wi-Fi connection. This is so others cannot use your network and use up your Wi-Fi allowance. You can do this by logging onto to your Wi-Fi admin area (details are usually found on the back of your router) and changing the password for connecting to your network.

It may also be worth thinking about adding extra door and window locks or upgrading your own. Most new park homes are very well equipped in this, so you probably won’t need to. With older models it may be worth thinking about an upgrade. Speaking to a member of the Master Locksmiths Association can be a good place to start.

We hope these points help you to make your park home more secure, making it safer from thieves in the future and giving you valuable peace of mind. If you are a victim of a crime, report it immediately to the police. In an emergency, call 999. In the unfortunate event that you do need to make a claim due to theft, visit our contact page and call the relevant claims number.

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Published – 25/03/22