Preparing Your Holiday Lodge for the Peak Season

Now is the time to prepare your holiday lodge for the peak season. As we finally look forward to an end to lockdowns in the UK, this summer is likely to be busier than ever for holiday lets. In addition, domestic holiday making is likely to still be the most popular choice even as some international travel is opened up. This guide is here to help you to get organised ready for the peak season and get the most out of your holiday lodge.

Safety First

It is predicted that we should expect to be still living with the presence of coronavirus in the world for some time. Make sure you have thought through the implications of this for your guest protocols and cleaning regime. See specific advice on deep cleaning your holiday home, which helps to minimise the risk of transmission. This is of course, a good idea in the best of times.

If you haven’t been able to access your holiday lodge for some time, there may be more things to consider than just the usual sprucing up and renewal that this time of year always brings. This advice about returning to your static caravan after lockdown is largely applicable to any holiday home and may help you think through your obligations and the things you need to check, should you just be returning.

Quick Holiday Lodge Safety Checklist

  1. Make sure your property is cleaned and made as safe from the risk of viruses as possible.
  2. Keep the property well ventilated with clear air vents and working windows.
  3. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors should be functioning and powered. Change batteries or whole units where necessary.
  4. Check that all fuel is stored safely and that cannisters, pipes, cables and connections are all safe. Professional assistance is worth considering with this.
  5. Ensure that fire safety equipment is visible onsite with clear readable instructions.
  6. Make guests aware of safety procedures in the event of a fire.
  7. Check all electrical equipment. A qualified electrician is worth considering for this.
  8. Any system or appliance that has had standing water left in it during your absence should be cleaned and washed through. This includes, kettles, showers, air-conditioning and hot tubs.
  9. Is your paperwork up to date? General and fire risk assessments should be completed annually. You should also get an electrical installation condition report (every five years) and a portable appliance test (PAT) certificate. Consult a qualified electrician for this work. Having done this, regular visual checks of all your appliances, from the hairdryer to the fridge, are essential.

This list is not exhaustive. As a responsible holiday lodge owner, you will be well aware of your duty of care to your guests. Good safety protocols and proper maintenance of your property should ensure that it’s ready for the peak season.

Holiday Lodge Peak Season Checklist

Your holiday lodge will get much more intensive use at the height of the summer, so keeping on top of maintenance jobs will help to make it easier to manage during the peak season. This quick guide is designed to help you make sure you are presenting your property in the best light and ensure the most pleasant stay for your guests.

  1. Cut the grass regularly and keep shrubs and flowerbeds tidy. This may seem obvious but everything grows so quickly at this time of year and first impressions matter.
  1. Remove any debris that may have built up during any summer storms. Be aware of any damage to nearby trees and make safe. A tree surgeon may be needed for more substantial damage to trees.
  1. Keep paths and decking clear of moss, algae and lichen. This is not only unsightly but can also create dangerously slippery surfaces. A stiff brush and some oxygen bleach can clear this effectively.
  1. Make sure the name plate of your property, if it has one, is given a clean and polish. Again, first impressions are important.
  1. Display any accreditation you have gained prominently. This will reassure your guests that they are in good hands in these difficult times. It may also go some way to reassuring locals that you are doing all you can to safeguard them as you invite your guests into their community.
  1. Make sure your welcome pack is up to date. Include information about local attractions with up-to-date opening and visiting, other local amenities as well as health services. Always put instructions for appliances and their safe use inside your welcome pack. Laminating the contents for easy cleaning, or printing individual copies for each new guest, may be advisable for now.
  1. You may have removed ornaments and scatter cushions from your holiday lodge to safeguard guests when restrictions were eased last year. Keep this under review as you may want to reintroduce these to add extra comfort and charm to the property for the peak season.
  1. Keep an eye out for any wobbly chairs, loose floorboards, dodgy door handles and curling carpet corners. Expect additional ‘wear and tear’ during the peak season and the smallest thing can present a trip hazard or spoil an otherwise pleasant stay for your guests.
  1. Make sure to clean any hot tub or spa pool you may have. Check that it is in full working order and that appropriate instructions for its safe use are available to your guests in their welcome pack or in signage on your property.
  1. If you haven’t already consider placing hand sanitizers at the entrance to your holiday lodge, it is still worth doing. Replace them after changeovers with new ones. The sight of a brand-new bottle will be a welcome reassurance to many.

Preparing your holiday lodge for the peak season now should help you to save time and manage bookings more efficiently over the summer months.

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Published – 15/07/21