Park Home Assist Puzzle Books Received Fantastic Feedback From Park Home Owners

Last month, Park Home Assist sent 50,000 puzzle books to park home owners throughout the UK, to help with the boredom during the lock down period.  We also created digital puzzles that can be played on our website however we understand not everyone has access to the website, so we decided to create a puzzle book, to send out in the post.  The puzzle books consisted of Word Searches, Crosswords and Sudoku’s, which were created by the Park Home Assist team.

Since the puzzle books started to land at the homes of park home owners, we started to receive telephone calls, emails and letters thanking us for the puzzle books. Some customers even sent in their own photos for us to use when creating jigsaws!!

We are absolutely delighted with the response we have had from park home owners and we are even happier that we have been able to help people during the lock-down, keeping them entertained.  We wanted to share with you just some of the lovely feedback we have received, as we really appreciate that park home owners have taken the time to leave their comments.

The Feedback

Thank you so much for the kind letter and super little book of puzzles recently received. It was most unexpected and a lovely surprise that couldn’t have arrived at a better moment! Thank you for your thoughtfulness-hugely appreciated. My very best wishes to you all 😊

“Dear Sirs, just had to write and thank you for my lovely surprise. Never had that happen before & I’ve only been with you for 1 yr.  I haven’t been outside for the whole of the lockdown, & have run out of crosswords to do. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I’m glad I come to you for assistance.”

“Dear Assist staff, I just wanted to say thank you to you all for my puzzle book and for your thoughtfulness in sending it.  I have enjoyed doing the puzzles and have very much appreciated it. I guess we will all hope that things will soon get back to be a little more like normal. Your Sincerely.”

“Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for your kind gesture of posting me a “puzzle book,” how very thoughtful. Now I will not spend my time looking out the window up at the clouds all day,  will be busy puzzling, such a treat indeed. No one knows how long this dreadful disease will last, we shall just have to hope and pray all will be well, so please all of you, “keep safe.” Yours sincerely.”

“I have received a wonderful communication from you this morning which has really lifted my spirits and reminded me that some people and firms aren’t just out for all they can get.   I have been in lock-down since the beginning because of my age, underlying problem and mobility.  I can walk with sticks but can’t stand unaided or balance safely so even now, when I am allowed out I can’t stand in a queue or balance to open a purse in a shop and my weekly ability helping classes have been halted for over 3 months.  Everyone has been wonderful in our village helping the elderly and infirm but when it has come to dealing with a lot of firms they have been less than helpful. I still have not received my car insurance certificate or one to say work was done in our loft in February and has a lifetime guarantee.

Now you have provided me with a free puzzle book and the information that I can reach puzzles on your site.  How wonderful.  I am trying to keep my brain as active as possible with reading and doing puzzles and hopefully we may be able to get to our holiday lodge fairly soon now if things go well and I will have  nature again in abundance surrounding me.

Thank you for restoring my faith.  Funnily enough it has been the Camping and Caravanning Club and clubs involved in craft work who have been the best at keeping in touch with me but not asking outright for something in return. If I get the chance to recommend you to anyone be insured I will sing your praises. Many thanks. God bless.”

We will continue to add jigsaws, word searches and quizzes to our  website until we are back to a bit more normality.

If you would like us to turn one of your pictures into a jigsaw puzzle, please send an email to  Please continue to take care throughout these uncertain times.

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Published – 30/06/20