10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Park Home

If you’re thinking of buying a park home, there are important differences between a park home and a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ home. Here are ten questions to ask which will help you make an informed choice when buying a park home. 

  1. Is the park a licensed residential park? 
  • By law, all park home licences must be on permanent public display. You should have no problem obtaining a copy or access to the licence displayed in the park.
  • Check to see if the site licence is indefinite and for a residential It is important to check this as you cannot permanently live on a holiday park. Even if the licence says twelve months, this is not the same as a permanent residential licence.
  1. Have you seen the written agreement? 
  • When you purchase a new park home, you have a legal right to see the written agreement at least 28 days before the purchase is finalised.
  • Before you decide that you are happy with the written agreement, check that the pitch fees and any other charges are clearly stated. This will avoid any unnecessary surprises or problems further down the line.
  1. What are the rules of the park? 
  • Is there an age limit?

A lot of residential parks are meant for older people (typically over 50) whose children have left home. You may also have grandchildren who would visit you and perhaps stay over. Make sure you understand the rules of the park.

  • Are pets allowed?

Bringing your pets with you can be a very important factor for many park home residents. It can be a good idea to familiarise yourself now, to be sure you know the rules of your park on this. There may also be rules about how you are expected to manage your pets in the wider environment of the park outside your pitch – keeping dogs on leads at all times, for instance.

  • Is there a residents’ association?

You may also want to ask whether there is a residents’ association onsite. These can provide support and valuable information about the park in general and how the rules operate in particular. They can also be a source of help if there is a dispute with management or another resident to be resolved.

  1. What is included in the park home you are buying? 
  • Are sheds, fences, garages, hot-tubs or any other structure that lies on your pitch all included within the terms of the written agreement?
  • Having established what you are buying along with your park home, you may want to check what is included in your park home insurance.
  1. Can you meet the park owners or management? 
  • If you are buying a park home already on site or you are buying a bespoke home direct from the manufacturer, it is a good idea to closely liaise with the residential park owners or management. You may need to check, for instance, whether the make of park home you are buying is acceptable on the park you are intending it for.
  • If you are buying from an existing resident who is moving out, you are under no obligation to go through the park’s management. The management or owner have no right to stop a sale by an existing resident because of the buyer. As long as you comply with the park’s rules, such as age restrictions and pets, you are free to go ahead. It may, however, still be a good idea to meet to ensure good relations in the future.
  1. Has the site experienced any problems with flooding or storm damage?
  • If the site has experienced flooding or storm damage, this could affect your insurance premium. Your park’s management should give you all the information you need. Alternatively, you can use the park’s postcode to check the government’s Flood Warning Serviceabout past and current threats.
  • You may be eligible for assistance under the Flood Re programme, an industry programme designed to keep premiums affordable for those in flood risk areas.
  1. What are the energy supply arrangements – do I buy my energy from the site owner? 
  • You may be able to arrange your utilities directly with the suppliers, but alternatively, you may have to buy your energy and water through the park’s management.
  • If it is the latter, it may mean that you cannot switch suppliers, even if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere. It’s worth knowing this in advance.
  1. Can you take an unaccompanied tour of the park you are interested in? 
  • It is important to be able to judge your new home for yourself. The park owner or agent will always want to show the park in its best light. While this is understandable, if you are able to roam freely and talk to existing residents on your own, this will greatly add to your confidence. It may also give you vital information about aspects of the park that the management or agent have not touched on. For good or bad, the experience of other residents can prove invaluable in making up your mind.
  1. What security features are available at the park? 
  • You may want to ask if theft has been a problem at the park and what security features, if any, they have in place – many park homes sites have a 24-hour warden.
  • Once again, this is not just for your own peace of mind, but also for insurance purposes because it may affect your park home insurance
  1. Do you need a survey of your new park home? 
  • Although a survey is not a legal necessity, it can add to your peace of mind and sense of security to get one.
  • A survey can be carried out very quickly and should not disrupt the purchasing process.
  • A specialist surveyor, who knows park homes can give you an accurate view of the value of your park home and point out any problems or issues that may present themselves in the future.

We hope that asking these questions when buying a park home, will help you to understand some of the unique aspects of park home living. In addition, we hope that wherever you choose you’ll have many happy years living in your new park home.

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Published – 09/09/2022