The Benefits of Legal Expenses Cover

If you take out legal expenses cover, the main benefit is the peace of mind you get from knowing that should you need it your legal fees will be covered. Legal expenses cover insures for events that can affect any of us. From employment disputes, where you are the employee, to property damage or breach of contract, there is a wide range of events that are insurable under legal expenses cover.

In all cases, if you think you have a claim under your legal expenses cover, remember that the information you provide must be accurate.

As long as your case is judged to have at least a 51% chance of success and all other conditions are met, then you are eligible for legal expenses cover.

Be aware that the upper limit for cases arising from ID fraud is £15,000 and for other claims it stands at £50,000.

Be sure to consult the information on the terms and conditions in the legal expenses insurance policy document before you commit yourself.

  • Pitch disputes

A dispute with the park in which you are pitched over any aspect of your pitch agreement can be stressful. Your sense of security can be shaken. It can be made extra difficult when it involves park managers or owners who you know personally. It is assuring to know that you can afford to engage legal assistance in such cases and take a step back while the issue is resolved. 

  • Consumer disputes

Legal expenses cover includes both pursuit and defence of claims arising from breach of contract. It also covers disputes to do with the purchase or sale of your park home itself. As long as the dispute arises after you have taken out this cover, and all other conditions are met, you can be assured of legal representation.

  • Property damage and infringement

If your property is damaged or if trespass causing damage or nuisance is a problem, legal expenses cover allows you to resort to law to tackle the problem. 

  • Employment disputes

As an employee, legal expenses cover includes assistance at an employment tribunal (or equivalent in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man) should you be involved in a dispute over your contract of employment or your legal rights in work. 

  • Personal Injury

In the unfortunate event that an accident occurs causing death or injury, it is good to know that your legal expenses cover allows you to access legal assistance and advice. In what can be very stressful circumstances, legal advice and representation being just one phone call away can really help. If your compensation claim can be heard in a court in England or Wales and is above the current small claims limit, your legal adviser will enter into a no win no fee agreement with you. Their own fees will be waived if you fail to win your claim in full or in part. If your claim does fall below the small claims limit, you can still access the Legal Helpline for advice on how to proceed with your claim. 

  • Probate

If you find yourself as a named beneficiary needing to contest an existing will left by your parents, grandparents or child, step-child or adopted child, your costs will be covered under legal expenses cover. 

  • Social media defamation

Online defamation can be very stressful and difficult to handle. Your own attempts to have the comment removed may not be persuasive enough and it is often advisable to not get personally involved. It is important to remember that online communications are not beyond the law. It is reassuring to know that you are covered for the standard costs of one letter to be sent to the social media provider requesting that the comment be removed from their site. Also, if you know the identity of the person who has left defamatory comments on social media the standard cost of sending a letter to the author requesting that they remove the comment are covered.

  • Personal Identity Fraud

Identity fraud can cause many problems, leaving you with a financial loss, a damaged credit rating and assorted parties pursuing you for monies. The impact can be wide and deep and particularly distressing. Knowing that you are covered for legal representation to all such parties in a genuine case of identity fraud, can bring much needed peace of mind in difficult circumstances.

We hope this summary makes the benefits of legal expenses cover clear. Do not hesitate to contact one of our advisers if you need further explanation or help choosing the cover that is best for you.

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Published – 04/02/2022