Benefits Of Living In A Park Home Community

For you, the benefits of living in a park home community may be what seals the deal, when deciding to make a park home yours. The financial benefits, the promise of a simpler life closer to natural beauty and the need to downsize, are well known attractions of park home living. Perhaps not so well known, is what a park home community can offer to you.


It is not news that there is safety in numbers and in a residential park this age-old principle comes into its own. Many parks have their own security staff, which provides reassurance. Consequently, they create a safe environment in which you can relax, in the knowledge you and your home are being looked over. Most residential parks also have gated access to residents or known visitors only.  Maybe more importantly though, many residents will organise themselves. Sometimes this is formally in neighbourhood watches, sometimes informally as neighbours simply looking out for each other. In many residential parks where a sense of community exists, the occupants realise how they all win by looking out for each other and getting to know each other on a friendly basis.

When you are looking at residential parks to move into, you may notice stickers or notices displayed in widows for such schemes. Alternatively, you can ask the management or other residents. They will more often than not, be happy to let you know what they have in place and to help you take part.

Peace and quiet and company

You may find that one of the main benefits of living in a park home community is the understanding other residents have of each other. Most will know that, like them, you are looking for peace and quiet, with the opportunity to socialise and get to know people in your own time, if you want to. It is not a holiday park where the socialising or partying aspect of the park, can sometimes dominate and even take away your peace and quiet.  Most parks have a lower age limit, to ensure their generally more senior residents can enjoy a restful time. However, there is also often a thriving community with activity or interest-orientated clubs and groups you can join.

Park home residents often find they have much in common, not least the love of a shared lifestyle. Beyond this, there are often plenty of people with a similar enthusiasm for the same pursuits. This could be anything from organised walks, bike rides or boat trips to games of scrabble, keep-fit sessions, or musical excursions. It might be just an informal, entertaining evening in a local pub or restaurant.  Then there are the summer barbecues, the dinners and chats in each other’s homes and the myriad other ways for you to make and enjoy lasting friendships.

A relaxed atmosphere in open spaces

Park homes are mostly populated by people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and simplify things for themselves, to concentrate on the stuff that really matters to them. This may be the same for you. Park home living in a community offers a safe and relaxing way to enjoy your time, usually with plenty of open space and nearby natural beauty.

Residential parks can be ideal places to invite your family and friends to visit or to abide in tranquil solitude, or a combination of the two. The point is, it is your choice how much company you enjoy and how much you want to take in your pleasant surroundings for just you. Most parks have plenty of room between homes to allow for a garden and lawn. Some also have communal outdoor spaces for activities and socialising that you might enjoy.

Practical help

If you are new to park home living, you may find that there are some aspects of it that take some getting used to, or are unfamiliar. This is where the wider park home community can really help.

The collective knowledge and experience of your fellow residents can be an invaluable resource, often gladly offered. Any problem or challenge you experience, as you settle into your park home, will almost definitely have been encountered by one or more of your neighbours. Whether it be a park home maintenance issue or advice about dealing with park management or simply views on where to find the best local tradesmen, shopping or entertainment, your fellow residents are often the best source of useful help.

Similarly, if you are considering which park home insurance cover is best for you, other residents may have been through situations, which have led to claims on their insurance. These experiences can sometimes tell you who is most likely to give you better service and peace of mind through the whole process, should you need to make a claim one day.

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Published – 29/09/23