Thinking Of Retiring To A Park Home?

Retirement for many is about peace, tranquillity and well-earned enjoyment of the finer things in life. Park homes are, in most cases, located in rural or semi-rural, picturesque places. The prospect of spending one’s retirement surrounded by tranquil beauty, in easy reach of the seaside, natural splendour or gentile past-times is the essential appeal of retirement to a park home.

The park home lifestyle in retirement
The facilities and services available in some parks add to the attraction for the retiree, with good company, bars, restaurants and entertainment right on the doorstep. The combination of peace and quiet on the one hand and easily found, like-minded people on the other makes a park home an increasingly popular choice for a growing number of people in their retirement.

A lot of residential parks will have an age restriction of 50+, for instance. This goes a long way to ensure that the residents of such a park are looking for the same things in their home and are not going to disturb each other’s peace. The chance to be part of a community, especially in some of the bigger, more lavishly appointed parks is a big pull for a great deal of residents.

Free up capital for retirement
In addition to the great lifestyle offered by park homes, it can also be a way to free up capital locked into bricks and mortar residences. Most park homes are significantly less expensive than most bricks and mortar homes. The opportunity to sell an existing home in order to create disposable income and to pay off debts can really increase peace of mind for people heading into retirement.

Safety and security
Most residential parks have a key fob entry system now and are often more secure than even gated communities. The peace of mind this can create is difficult to quantify. Moreover, many parks have staff who are generally very willing to help out and advise their residents with any problems they have. Add this to the sense of community and people looking out for each other and the attraction for many older people is clear.

A park home can be an ideal choice for retirement, combining peace, tranquillity, spectacular surroundings, good company, community, easy access to entertainment and facilities and a chance to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labour. We hope you enjoy yours!

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Published – 08/10/21