Delivering The Service You Expect To Receive When Making A Claim

Making a claim on your property can be a very distressing time for you, so here at Park Home Assist, we do all we can to make the process as smooth as possible. Park Home Assist policies are designed to provide comprehensive cover at a competitive price and this is to ensure that when you do have to make a claim, your property is completely covered. We have an award-winning claims service which was voted for by the insurance industry and one we are exceptionally proud of, and our own inhouse claims coordinators, Valerie & Tina, who are there to manage your claim, making sure that it progresses efficiently.

The Claim – Accidental Damage to a TV

We were recently contacted by a policyholder who had initially contacted a sky engineer regarding a problem he was facing with the surround sound on his TV. When the engineer examined the TV, he discovered that it had actually been damaged as a result of a fall or a drop.  The casing was coming apart which had created a loss of picture at the bottom of the screen. This then prompted our policyholder to contact us and register a claim.  The claim itself was logged as damage to a TV that had been accidentally dropped during a wall installation and that they did not notice any damage at the time.

When a claim of this nature is reported, we require the policyholder to provide photos of the damage to the TV, along with the make, model, age and cost of the TV.  In some cases, an estimate for a like for like replacement may be requested.  If the damage is not noticeable, occasionally an engineer’s report is required to confirm the damage and repair status of the TV.

Our policyholder attempted to find someone who could help with what was required, however this was proving difficult, so eventually called in and spoke to one of our inhouse claims coordinators to see if we could help.  After speaking with the policyholder, we discovered that he had recently been released from hospital, has mobility issues and was also providing full time care to his wife, who is suffering from dementia. He was anxious and worried that he may not be able to provide what had been asked for, as he did not own a smart phone to send photos or have any immediate family that could assist with this.  It was obvious to us that our policyholder was stressed, so we contacted our claims company, advised them of our policyholders concerns and vulnerabilities and arranged for a call to the policyholder on the same day to settle this claim.


This claim was resolved within 2 ½ hours from the moment the claim was raised, to the funds being sent to the policyholders account by faster BACs.

Obviously, not all claims can be handled this quickly, however, as soon as we became aware of the vulnerabilities of our policyholder, we acted immediately.  We advised our claims company about the individual policyholder’s situation and did our best to minimise the stress involved in making a claim.

Customer service is at the heart of what we do.  It’s important to our customers, and to us, especially when you need to make a claim. Our award-winning claims service demonstrates our commitment to delivering excellent service when you need us most.

For further information see details on how to make a park home insurance claim.

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Published – 15/10/21