Coping With Winter Emergencies In Your Park Home

Why Take Out Emergency Cover?

As the winter closes in, it is a good time to think about adding ‘Park Home’ Home Emergency Cover to make sure you have peace of mind. Emergencies caused by events such as leakages, a heating failure or power outage are a problem at any time of year but the level of inconvenience and discomfort is, of course, magnified in the winter. Knowing that you can get the timely assistance you might need should an incident occur, means you can feel assured that you are covered whatever the season throws at you.

In the winter, with an increased likelihood of storms, high winds and extreme cold, the stress on your park home is increased and the consequences of an emergency can be much more serious. Our emergency cover is designed to help you with the right assistance to deal more easily with the problems caused by an incident that is covered under the policy.

Should the need suddenly arise for you to call out a professional to carry out emergency repairs, to use temporary heating, to mend or replace broken roofing, to restore electrical power, mend or replace a broken-down boiler or even for alternative accommodation when it is deemed necessary, our emergency cover is designed to provide help.

Do be aware that home emergency cover is designed to work alongside your park home buildings and contents insurance policy and does not relate to day-to-day maintenance of your home and its contents.

What Emergency Cover Gives You

With unlimited claims of up to £1000 each, no call out charges and no excess to pay, home emergency cover allows you to sort out your problem quickly and with as little fuss as possible. We know how important it is to minimise the time you and your loved ones have to spend exposed to the elements, especially in the winter. Home Emergency Cover can give you that added peace of mind.

With home emergency cover, your increased ability to swiftly respond to water leakages or severe cold following a pipe failure or roofing damage, for instance, means that problems don’t escalate. Your park home itself is more protected from protracted issues which can cause further damage and expense.

We have made this as easy as possible as it is a simple matter of phoning our 24 hour, 365 days-a-year, number:

01384 884040

In order for the incident to count as an emergency you must inform us within 48 hours of the incident.

We will take you through your cover and if your claim is accepted, we will send out one of our approved contractors to carry out repairs and other works you are covered for. If you contract a different professional to carry out repairs, you will not be covered under this policy.

Your Responsibilities

Your home must be maintained to a satisfactory standard by you. This includes your responsibility to maintain the boiler according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. See our autumn park home maintenance guide for some general maintenance tips.

It is important that you keep an accurate record of maintenance, repairs and changes to your park home and keep your insurer informed of them so that problems do not arise if you need to make a claim. Make sure you keep records and receipts in an easily accessible place should you need to find them quickly, for example in the dark, in the event of an emergency.

Be aware too, that an authorised adult must be at your park home to allow access to the contractor we send in order for call-out charges to be waived. It is a good idea in general to authorise another party who lives near your home, holds keys and can allow access, should an emergency arise in your absence.

Below are the incidents that are covered by our home emergency cover. 

  • Leaks caused by the unexpected failure of the drainage system or internal plumbing (including central heating pipes). 
  • The complete breakdown of the central heating system which results in the loss of heating and/or hot water.
  • Missing, broken or loose tiles causing internal water damage. 
  • £50 towards the cost of alternative heating sources where these are deemed necessary in the event a claim has occurred.
  • Electrical failure of at least one complete circuit.
  • Certain types of pest infestation (such as a wasp or hornet nest, mice, rats or cockroaches) in your park home. 
  • Overnight accommodation only where it has not been possible to resolve the emergency following an accepted claim for emergency repairs by a contractor under another section of the policy and the park home is rendered uninhabitable. 
  • A contribution of up to £500 towards the cost of a brand-new like for like replacement boiler upon production of an original receipt for payment.

You should be aware that Home Emergency Cover only covers you for temporary repairs (lasting at least 72 hours) or for permanent repairs where the cost is deemed by the contractor to be the same as a temporary repair.

All insurance cover is of course, subject to terms and conditions and you should always make sure you have read the full terms and conditions of any insurance policy you take out. Our representatives will be happy to take you through anything that is still unclear and fully explain your cover. Just give us a call.

Read the full policy wording here: Home Emergency Insurance Policy Wording

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Published – 12/11/21