Optional Benefits on your Park Home Insurance

At Park Home Assist we are pleased to offer optional benefits on your park home insurance. We understand that although the cover and award-winning customer service we offer as standard is good value for money and comprehensive enough for most needs, one size does not always fit all.

We pride ourselves in responding to the individual needs of our customers and welcome any feedback or suggestions which often help us shape our products and services to better meet your individual needs.

You may, for example, have some valuables or possessions that are not covered as standard. You may also anticipate situations which may arise and in which you would benefit from additional cover. You can add the following optional benefits to your park home insurance cover to match your specific individual needs and circumstances. Do remember that terms and conditions apply to all insurance policies and the following are some general examples.

  1. Accidental damage cover on buildings and contents

We all know that ‘accidents happen’ and that you may be faced with a bill to repair damage to your park home or its contents because of this. A dropped vase, a toppled table, or an accidentally scratched surface, to pick a few examples, could all incur costs for you beyond normal wear and tear. With additional accidental damage cover, you may find the assurance you need to relax a little more, when the grandchildren are visiting, or the dog is particularly boisterous, for instance.

  1. Valuables and personal possessions covered away from your park home

You may want to carry or wear valuable items such as jewellery or a phone, for example, when you are out and about. With the optional benefit of valuables and personal possessions cover, you can take your phone or wear those favourite earrings with the assurance that you are covered should you lose them or if they are stolen.

  1. Pedal cycle insurance cover away from your park home

If you are keen to keep fit, explore or just want to nip to the shops on your bike, you can enjoy the extra assurance of pedal cycle insurance cover away from your park home. You may find this makes sense as the risk of theft or damage may probably be greater when you take your bike out than when it is safely stored at home. Of course, remember that your pedal cycle is not covered if it’s left unattended and not secured to a permanent structure by a shop-bought cycle lock or in a locked building.

  1. Mobility scooter insurance cover including £5m of Public Liability Insurance

If you are a mobility scooter user, this optional benefit can be added to your cover to give you the peace of mind that not only are you covered if your scooter is damaged or stolen but you are also covered for up to £5m public liability. This covers you if other people or their property are injured or damaged in an incident involving your mobility scooter.

  1. Money and credit card cover away from your home

Your money and credit cards are much more likely to be visible and easier to steal when you are out. You are also at risk of accidentally losing them when you are mobile, than when you are at home. This additional benefit added to your park home insurance can provide the peace of mind to know that you may be able to recoup your losses should you suffer a theft or loss away from your home.

  1. £50,000 Legal Protection Cover which includes cover for park operator disputes

Legal protection cover can help in a number of scenarios including disputes with your park management or owners. It can also cover you for other legal processes involving things like, trespass and nuisance, identity theft, online defamation on social media platforms, breach of employment contract or employment law, breach of contract for goods and services you have bought or sold and probate disputes. With a panel of approved lawyers to help you, you can get cover this way for up to £50,000 in legal expenses.

  1. Home emergency insurance cover

You may one day suffer an emergency at home that needs immediate attention and assistance from a professional. You could find yourself with a suddenly failed boiler, a burst pipe, electrical failure, a pest infestation, heating failure, water ingress or roof damage. These and other problems may even leave you in need of short-term emergency accommodation if they cannot be immediately resolved in a way that makes your home inhabitable. Home emergency cover gives you one phone number to call and the reassurance that a qualified, certified professional, already approved by us, will then be on the way to assist you with no call out fee and no excess to pay. 

When you buy or renew a policy, our team will take you through the options benefits available on your park home insurance.

This is a marketing article from multi-award-winning Park Home Assist.

Please note that all insurance cover is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions.

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Published – 15/03/24