Summer Park Home Maintenance

As the (hopefully) warmer, drier weather of summer is here, now may be a good time to think about your summer park home maintenance. You may also find it useful to keep a record of all the maintenance you carry out in case you need to make a claim on your park home insurance.

Exterior: Spruce, repair and upgrade

Summer is usually, UK weather allowing, the ideal time for you to get on with any exterior repair or refurbishment that you may need to do. You may benefit from taking advantage of the finer conditions to get some jobs done.

You may want to avoid carrying out or hiring anyone to do any work in extreme heat, for your own protection. You may also want to check that any materials you use behave as they should in warm or hot weather. If you are unsure, you could consult one of the many professionals who specialise in park home maintenance. And don’t forget to leave most of the time for enjoying the summer!

1. Walls, windows and doors

If nothing else, you can wait for a fine day and give the walls, windows and doors a good clean with warm water and washing-up liquid or cleaning fluid. There are specialist cleaning products available that can deal with mould or mildew, should you find any. This helps preserve protective coatings and prevents the build-up of material which might cause problems, such as mildew, later. Be careful to protect yourself according to the manufacturer’s guidelines with any cleaning substances you use.

You might want to leave window cleaning for cooler times of day as rapid drying of cleaning fluids in high heat can sometimes lead to smearing.

You may take the opportunity to check the walls of your park home for hairline cracks or other signs of damage. If you take preventative measures now, you could save a lot of hassle in the future.

If you spot a problem, repairing any door or window seals now could help to avoid insect infestation or even water ingress from summer rains, should they arrive.

In addition, you may find summer to be the best time to check door and window locks are in good working order as replacing, upgrading or repairing them might mean time spent with doors and windows open. You may be glad of the warmer weather in such circumstances.

Your park home may benefit from the preservative effect of a new exterior coat of protective paint if it has been a few years since it was last maintained. You might be coming up to a scheduled exterior paint job by agreement with your park management, or you may just want to upgrade. You can go for anything from a new paint job to a full recladding. You may find planning for maintenance in the summer months makes this easier.

2. Park home roof maintenance

Summer may be the best time to clean your roof of any moss or dirt, re-pin or replace any loose or damaged tiles and possibly treat with a weather-proofing silicon spray. You may be able to do this yourself – while making sure you have someone with you and are ladder safe and using the right equipment. Alternatively, you may want to employ a professional to carry out some or all of the work. Your park management or park home insurance company may be able to help with finding the right company to help.

3. Gutters and drains

While you are up there checking the roof, it’s a good idea to clean your gutters out, so they can cope properly with any summer storms or the occasional deluge. Heavy rain is not uncommon in the summer and unwanted overflows or blockages can lead to more serious damage and water ingress.

4. Garden maintenance

Summer is the time for relaxing and enjoying the fruits and flowers of your labour throughout the other seasons. Again though, fine weather can make some jobs easier, like cleaning or refurbishing decking or perhaps rebuilding the barbecue.

5. Interior: Air and renew

Summer can be the best time to air those mattresses and cushions, add a lick of paint to a wall or two and retouch damaged surfaces. When you need things to air or dry, the warmer weather might help, allowing you to throw open the doors and windows or use your garden space.

Summer may also be the best time to get annual safety checks on your gas and boiler so you can avoid any surprises later in the year.

We hope this guide helps you to manage your park home summer maintenance with as little disruption as possible so that you can really enjoy the summer.

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Published – 14/06/24