Protecting Your Park Home from Water Leaks

Protecting your park home from water leaks is something you are more likely to think of in the winter with frozen pipes and bad weather being the main concern. The summer months however, can also bring heavy rain fall and high winds, which can both lead to leaks and damage. There are also perennial flood risks from appliances and water systems. Here are a few tips to help you protect your park home as much as possible from escape of water.

  • Check all pipework in your park home: Regular checks and maintenance of all plumbing in your park home will go a long way to protecting you from flood and leak damage. Consider employing an accredited plumber to check over all your pipework, paying special attention to joints and water tanks and cylinders. Look for accreditation from such bodies as the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors or the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers
  • Maintain and service your central heating system annually: This will often be something the same plumber who checks the pipework is qualified to do.
  • Check your appliances for water leaks: A common source of leaks are the pipes feeding dishwashers and washing machines. These should be regularly checked for small leaks particularly around the connections to the appliance and to water and waste pipes.
  • Periodically check your stopcock to ensure it turns on and off easily: In the event of a flood or leak, this will often be the first thing you go to in order to switch off the water supply. If it does not work the situation can get out of hand very quickly. A burst pipe can mean up to four baths full of water is leaked per hour.
  • Don’t let problems in your park home accumulate: Keep on top of simple maintenance such as changing washers and fixing dripping taps.
  • Don’t just leave and forget: If you are going to leave the property vacant for any amount of time, be sure to drain down water systems, such as central heating, water cooled air conditioning and spa pools or hot tubs if you have any of these.
  • Remember the small things:  Never leave the plug in the plughole in water basins or baths
  • Use available technology: Leak detection devices are available and can be fitted at a modest cost. However, regular maintenance should mean you can avoid such measures. You could also consider flow detection devices. These monitor the flow of water in pipework to your property and isolate it if abnormal flow conditions are detected.

Keeping up to date with general maintenance is a condition of your park home insurance. If you do suffer a water leak in your park home, depending on the circumstances, your park home may be covered, as well as the costs incurred in tracing the leak. Check your park home insurance policy documents for more information about cover for escape of water in your park home.

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Published – 24/06/21