Tips for Updating your Park Home

Is your home looking tired and feeling like something from a previous era? If so, here are some tips for updating your park home. You may also have practical reasons to upgrade, like saving on the heating bills or just keeping warmer on cold days.

There are many options up to and including a full redesign. Changing layout, extending to more rooms, adding a conservatory or sunroom, or fitting decking are all major options you might want to consider. You may also feel the need for a complete bathroom or kitchen refit.

In this article, we have focused instead on the small changes you may want to make that can make all the difference. You can easily give your park home an update without major disruption or breaking the bank.

Updating the soft furnishings and fittings in your park home:

Changing your cushions, seat covers, rugs and covers can transform the feel of a space, so that you can enjoy it anew. Often, park homes have large windows at one end of the room so the style and colour of the curtains alone, can dominate the room. To freshen up your living areas and bedrooms you might want to look at design ideas online on sites such as Pinterest or House Beautiful.

Adding some plants:

Easy to find and simple to install, some foliage or flowering plants can lift drab interiors out of the doldrums. They are also great for oxygenating and freshening the air (lemon geraniums especially), which can be a boon in a small space. You may want to think about some window boxes for easily maintained splashes of green and colour. Alternatively, if you are worried about attending to constant watering, plants with waxy leaves tend to demand less water – and artificial plants even less!

Updating the appliances in your park home:

You may not want to go for a whole kitchen refit, but you may be able to stretch to replacing one or two appliances. Even replacing a kettle or a toaster can brighten up your kitchen and you may want to go for a more energy efficient model to help save on your fuel bills. Check the energy label on the appliance to find out its energy rating. You can find an explanation of the new UK energy ratings here:

It’s also a good idea to check that the retailer or dealer are reputable and look over the warranty before you make a purchase. If you are worried about installation of larger appliances, you may want to consult a firm that specialises in park homes. There are plenty available online and a quick search should bring a suitable one up near you.

Updating the bathroom in your park home:

A few small changes in your bathroom can quickly spruce it up. You may want to consider replacing the shower curtain or renewing the shower head and pipe.

Another simple idea is self-adhesive shelves for the corner of the shower space. All those bottles of shampoo, bars of soap and nail brushes can quickly be lifted from surfaces and tidied out of the way.

One more tip is to have a look at tile paints. The right colour can quickly brighten up or change the appearance of tiles without the hassle of completely replacing them.

Interior lighting:

Another relatively inexpensive way to transform the feel of your park home interior is to look at the lighting with a designer’s eye. If you have top-down lights, you might want to start with a couple of table lamps or a standard lamp. Bringing lighting to a lower level can add atmosphere and change the mood without too much effort.

Inexpensive LED lights, powered by batteries or the mains, can add to the flexibility in your lighting. By creating pools of bright light, in cupboards or on worktops, they can allow you to try out lower lighting elsewhere in your park home.

If you don’t already have one you might want to think about a security light that goes on when light falls or when lighting or power fails. Above your park home entrance may be the best place to situate this.

Storage solutions for your park home:

Clever storage ideas are possibly the most valuable in a park home, where space is at a premium. There are innumerable ideas available online on sites such as engineering insight (on Instagram @engineering.insight) or many other home storage sites.

If you can lift shoes off the floor with an attractive rack by the door or take clothes off the back of chairs with some over-the-door hangers, the feeling of calm, clear space can really enhance your enjoyment of your home.


You may not want to go for a complete replacement of laminate flooring but you could perhaps afford a rug or two. As Jeff Bridges, star of the Big Lebowski, might have it: a well-chosen rug can really tie the room together.

We hope these few ideas have inspired you to go ahead and spruce up the inside of your park home.

Remember, if you make any major changes, then do inform your park home insurance company as it may affect your ability to make a claim.

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Published – 19/04/24