Valuables and Personal Possessions Cover

You may be considering whether you need personal possessions cover as an optional benefit added to your standard park home insurance cover. You may, of course, be perfectly happy with the £60,000 contents cover, £20,000 valuables cover within the park home along with other benefits, which are provided as standard with our contents cover.

However, you may be concerned about valuables which you may need to take out of your park home on a regular or occasional basis. You may, for example, be wearing valuable jewellery (a gold-plated watch, for example) out of your home regularly enough for it to be worth some extra cover.

You may also need to transport a work of art occasionally to get a picture re-framed or a sculpture re-mounted. These are the type of situations where our personal possessions cover can really provide extra assurance and peace of mind.

How do we define Valuables and Personal Possessions?

Firstly, you may want to familiarise yourself with what we define as a ‘valuable’ to be included under personal possessions cover. This may help you decide whether it is for you or not.

We define valuables as jewellery, furs, gold, silver, gold- or silver-plated items and works of art (paintings and sculptures).

Valuables and Personal Possessions covers any item up to £1,000 without you needing to specify the item. So, you will need to specify any item that is valued at more than £1,000 when you add this cover to your policy.

With your valuables and personal possessions covered in this way, you can enjoy them with extra assurance away from your park home. Step out wearing your favourite necklace or with your limited edition gold-plated watch with the peace of mind that you are covered if something (loss, damage or theft) should happen to your valuable item while you are away from home.

Adding Valuables and Personal Possessions Cover to your policy, allows you again, to use Park Home Assist as your one-stop insurance shop. All your insurance claims will still be handled by our award-winning team.

This is a marketing article from Park Home Assist, multi-award-winning providers of residential park home insurance.  If you would like to speak to an advisor regarding insurance for your park home, please contact our friendly team in our Northampton office on 01604 946 796.

Please note that all insurance cover is subject to acceptance of terms and conditions.

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Published – 08/12/23