Motorhome Security On The Road 

Motorhome security while you’re on the road is an important consideration whether you’re heading out for a short break or a longer holiday. Of course, having the right motorhome insurance will give you some peace of mind but it’s best to avoid having to make a claim in the first place. There will also be conditions and responsibilities relating to your motorhome insurance policy.

Security depends very much on where you choose to stop and for how long you leave your motorhome to go on excursions. In this article we look at the different options available and some security measures you can put in place.


A campsite with its own security is often the safest option. Most will have some kind of barrier which requires a key-fob or code to enter. You may also benefit from safety in numbers at an official campsite. However, it is sad to say but true that other campers on site may present an opportunist danger so you will need to observe your usual care about leaving things outside your vehicle at night and locking up securely.


An aire or ‘Aire de Stationnement’ is a French name which has passed into English for an official, designated stopping point for motorhomes. At one of these, you may also benefit from ‘safety in numbers’ as in a campsite. It can help for you to be aware, though, that designated areas, which do not have gates, and especially those near cities and other busy places can be watched by local thieves to see if any easy pickings have arrived.

Wild camping

Finding a place on your own where you are permitted to stay in the ‘wild’ carries with it the most risk as well as the most ‘romance’ for many freedom-loving motorhome owners. If this option is for you, you may want to employ a number or even all of the extra security measures in this guide.

Your security may also depend on the country you are in if your travels take you far and wide. It can be well worth doing some research online, on travel sites and motorhome sites, about your chosen destination to assess the relative risks associated with different areas of the world. This may help you to make informed decisions on your travels.

Wherever you decide to travel, don’t broadcast where you are on social media. Wait until you’ve left the area, or returned home, to share details of your travels.

Motorhome security devices

In general, all the security devices mentioned in our previous blog (LINK) should help keep you and your motorhome safe. Some people do a few extra things on the road. Chief among them is to keep your belongings out of sight to discourage opportunist thieves.

More police advice can be found here

Protecting your possessions inside your motorhome

An extra layer of security for your possessions can be provided by a having an on-board safe, secured to the floor of your motorhome. If you are considering this, it may be worth thinking about the extra weight as they can be heavy items. Your motorhome will have a payload limit and it is a good idea to be aware of this before you install a heavy safe.

Others sometimes recommend a “German Shepherd On Board” or “Beware of the dog” sticker displayed clearly, whether or not you own a dog at all.

One more extra tip from some motorhome owners only applies if you have swivel chairs up front in your vehicle. If you do, these can sometimes be swung round to face backwards or sideways and locked into position or chained and locked together. Again, this measure will make it more difficult to operate your motorhome and drive it away.

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Published – 04/11/2022