We’re sure it’s not just us that thinks we’ve been dropped unsuspectingly into a science fiction novel.

Every morning we wake up and think “Woah…..that was one crazy dream, I should not eat dairy products before going to bed” then we turn on the news and think – “uh- not a dream then.

Times like this it’s really important to:

  1. Keep safe
  2. Follow Government Advice
  3. Not to panic

With all the uncertainty in the news and the worries and anxieties both about the actual disease AND the ensuing economic chaos that is going to result from all the restrictions, now more than ever we all need a bit of hope, distraction and something to do.

So…… for the next month or so, we’re going to come up with a series of puzzles to keep you occupied. They will be available on our temporary puzzle page.

All the puzzles can be completed online and some can be printed.

Feel free to share these puzzles with isolated elderly friends or neighbours who like a challenge but might not be internet Savvy whilst maintaining your social distance.  You can do this under each puzzle by sharing it via Email, WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook.

Wordsearch Puzzle



Football Kits



Park Home Assist 15 Year Anniversary – Jigsaw Puzzle

Previous Puzzles

Click on the puzzle to play.

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