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General FAQ's

When is the Park Home Assist Office Open?

The Park Home Assist offices are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm, and we are also open on Saturday’s from 9am until 1pm. We are not normally open on Bank Holidays.

That really depends what you are contacting us for. The last thing we want is for you to be passed from one department to another, however these are the most ideal telephone numbers:
For new quotations: 01604 946 796
If you want to accept a quotation: 01604 946m 683
If you want to make an amendment to your policy: 01604 946 785
If you would like to renew your policy: 01604 946 722
If you would like to make a claim: 0344 856 3810
Park Home Assist was established in 2005 and we now have over 23,000 policyholders throughout the United Kingdom.
Well not only have we been insuring park Homes since 2005, we also provide the only Park Home Manufacturer’s Park Home Structural Warranty ‘Platinum Seal’ which has also been in existence since 2005, and is supplied with al Tingdene, Prestige and Homeseeker Park Homes and Lodges, so we truly understand the construction of your park home. In addition, we also provided Finance to enable purchasers to buy Residential Park Homes throughout the UK and lent in excess of £24million in finance, so we truly understand Park Home Living. And finally, due to being based in Northamptonshire, which appears to be the hub of ark Home Manufacturing, a number of our staff have also worked for Park Home Manufacturers, and we also have a very strong relationship with local park home manufacturers.
Yes we do, however it is very likely that we will exclude flood as part of the cover.
All insurers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, just like those at Lloyd’s of London, however any Lloyd’s Underwriter have additional regulation, but the biggest win is that if a Lloyd’s insurer goes out of business (runs out of funds) all Lloyd’s Underwriters have to pay a levy to ensure if that ever does happen, then the Lloyd’s Market take on the risk and pay out the claims for that insurer. This isn’t available from non-Lloyd’s Insurers. However, we utilise one of Lloyd’s largest underwriters (Sompo Canopius) and by having a Lloyd’s Of London Insurer the net resources available at the end of 2015 was £25,098 million.
We all understand that many policyholders will shop around for their Park Home Insurance to ensure you get the very best deal. However, if you are provided a policy which offers loads of cover at a considerably lower premium, and it seems to good to be true, then it probably is.
Ask about the insurer (have you heard of them?)
Where is the insurer based? (if they are not in the UK, it is possibly because the capitalisation requirement where they are based is less than the UK, unfortunately a number of insurers based outside the UK have recently gone into administration)
How long have they been insuring Park Homes? (Do they really know what they are doing?)
Have they got your cover correct, such as the sums insureds?
Park Home Assist was established by Steve Leech and Claire Leech (yes we’re married and work together day-to-day), and in our team of 25 other employees our youngest Daughter Bethany, can be found in our Customer Services team, and Jessica (our oldest daughter) when not at University, also spends her holiday working in the office or helping us out at shows! Claire’s two dogs Maisy (the chocolate lab) and Howie (the westie) do not work for the company however.

Park Home Insurance FAQ’s

Yes, we can. Just call us Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm or on a Saturday 9am to 1pm and we will be happy to provide you a quotation, and if you are happy we can arrange cover there and then.
It is strongly recommended that you do, and if you live on a Residential Park and you have been issued a Mobile Homes Act Agreement, it is a requirement under the Mobile Homes Act that you insure your Park Home. If you don’t and the park operator becomes aware, you are breaching his site license conditions and you could be asked to leave the park.
We provide up to £500,000 buildings cover as standard. We also provide cover for the cost of clearing debris from the base, transport and siting of a replacement home if required.
We provide New For Old Cover for your contents (excluding clothing and bed linen) and provide up to £60,000 contents cover as standard.
No, the base and the services under and from the base which connects to your park home are owned by the park owner, and therefore this is their responsibility.
We are fine with this, we don’t mind if you live on a Residential park or a Holiday ark, you will receive the same cover.
You can pay by instalments over the year, although this will attract a small additional cost for interest;
Alternatively you can by credit or debit card, cheque or postal orders; You are also welcome to pop into the office and pay, and join us for a cup of coffee at the same time. We have a garden centre, pub and Waitrose all next to our offices, so make a day of it!
You certainly can. For a small additional cost you can include items of jewellery, glasses, laptop etc for accidental damage or loss away from the home.
This means we will provide you a brand new equivalent item (or to the value of) for the old item which is lost or damaged.
Some park owners will recommend an insurer to their residents, and it is likely they do so in return for a commission. However, the park owner cannot insist you utilise their insurer, and in fact if they did, it would be illegal as the Financial Conduct Authority believes you should be ‘Treated Fairly’ so if you were under pressure to insure with the park owners insurer, let the FCA know. However when choosing an insurer to insure your park home, make sure that the insurer you choose really does understand what they are insuring as companies such as Directline, Churchill, Admiral etc do not currently insure Park Homes, like many other insurers, this is why there are specialists like ourselves.
Many of our competitors provide only £2,500,000 however we provide £5,000,000 as standard.
Yes we will, and we also provide Holiday Home Insurance for our clients too. Although we will still insure your park home whilst it is unoccupied, we may apply some additional terms and conditions (called endorsements) whilst your home is unoccupied.
Yes you can, you can add this to your policy so it is covered under your contents for Fire, Theft and Flood.

Making A Claim FAQ’s

We currently have a standard excess of £100 for most claims, and a £1,000 excess for subsidence claims.
Do what you can to ensure that the damage can’t get any worse, then contact our claims team immediately on 0344 856 3810, they will then take over and start getting things sorted out.
You can certainly use your own repairers if you like, however if you use our insurers ‘approved repairers’ they will do everything for you, and the work will also be guaranteed for 12 months.
A Loss Adjuster is a claims specialist appointed and paid for by the Insurance Company. Although they are paid for by the insurance company they are classed as independent and are there to resolve the claim in a timely and efficient manner. Once the Loss Adjuster has been appointed, all dealings regarding your claim should then go through them. However, we have our own ‘in-house’ claims progressors and their job is to oversee your claim and ensure that the claim progresses without any additional delay or inconvenience to you.
No, wear and tear is not covered by your policy, this is a maintenance issue.
Accidental Damage, is damage caused to your contents or your park home as a result of an accident such as dropping red wine on your cream carpet, drilling through a pipe in the wall when putting up shelves etc. Accidental Damage is not standard on a policy but costs a very small extra amount.
Yes, although there is an excess of £1,000. However if you suffer subsidence, it is likely to be a defect to the base of your park home which is owned by your park owner, as such if damage is caused to your home due to the failing of his base, then a claim would be made against your park owner.
Lets hope that never happens, but unfortunately they do. If you home is a total loss, then the insurer will pay for the cost of removing all the debris from the base, will order a replacement home, and pay for that home to be transported and re-sited on your base. During this time you will obviously need somewhere to live, and so the insurer will also pay for alternative accommodation for you, your family and even your pets.
No, everything is now done over the phone.
No, we use a specialist company who only deal with claims day-in day-out, however we have our own in-house claims progressors whose sole role is to ensure that everyone acts as quickly and efficiently as possible to get your claim settled as quickly as possible. They are a great contact for you if you need things chasing or explaining.
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