Brand new insurance policies now available for holiday lodges, leisure homes and static caravans.

New for 2019 and exclusive to Park Home Assist, our insurance policies for holiday lodges, leisure homes and static caravans offer even greater value and enhanced cover.  We’ve been specialising in leisure insurance for over 13 years and we have got to know our customers very well, so our focus is always on tailoring our insurance policies to best meet their needs. This means including all of the essential elements of our insurance cover as standard, while giving you the choice of the extras that you’d like to add – so you only pay for the cover you need.

We review our insurance policies on a regular basis to ensure that we keep up with the demands of holiday lodge, leisure home and static caravan owners. Our new policies for 2019 take a big step forward as they provide enhanced cover at a lower premium. Combine them with our award-winning customer service and you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

Our new insurance policies for holiday lodges, single and twin leisure homes and static caravans give you greater flexibility. They reflect the rise in the value of leisure homes as they have increasingly higher specifications and become more luxurious, as well as the changing ways that people now use their holiday lodges, leisure homes and static caravans.

Here are some of the key additional benefits of our new insurance policies.

Insurance for static caravans, single and twin leisure homes

  • Maximum building sum insured increases to £120,000
  • Maximum contents sum insured increases to £25,000
  • Single article limit increases to sums insured
  • New for old policies now available on static caravans and leisure homes up to 20 years old

Insurance for holiday lodges

  • Building sum insured increases to £500,000 as standard
  • Contents sum insured is £40,000 as standard
  • New for old cover included as standard

Insurance for holiday lodges, static caravans, single and twin leisure homes

  • Cover for accidental damage when let now available
  • Cover for malicious damage when let now available
  • Cover for specified sports equipment now available
  • Cover for specified cycles now available
  • Replacement locks and keys up to £1,000 as standard
  • Cover for decking, balustrades and fixed hot tubs as standard
  • Loss of metered water up to £1,000 as standard
  • PLUS much much more…

For more information, follow the links below:

Static Caravan Insurance

Holiday Lodge Insurance

Alternatively, call our Northampton office and speak to one of our insurance advisers on freephone 0800 988 0900.

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Retirement Living

Retirement Living

Retirement may present you with the opportunity to change your lifestyle. You can escape the routine and constraints imposed by your working life for something less hectic, more relaxing or more peaceful.  You can decide to take up a hobby or pursue an interest that you’ve never had the time to do before.

Many more people are now choosing to move to a different home when they retire – escaping to the country or a seaside location.  Downsizing also reduces the responsibilities and costs of owning and maintaining a larger home, freeing up income and time for you to enjoy.  A residential park could be the ideal place for you when you retire and a park home could provide you with a little bit of everything.

What are the benefits of living on a residential park?

Park home living offers a unique lifestyle choice, with a laid-back, quiet and relaxing atmosphere.  It is growing in popularity and boasts great community living.  Park homes are affordable to own, with furnishings and appliances already included. Maintaining your park home can be a lot easier than regular bricks and mortar, making it the perfect low-cost solution for retired people.

There are social benefits too!  You will be living amongst people of a similar age, who may have similar interests and the time to enjoy them. This is just one of many reasons to choose park home living.

Independent living and a relaxing life.

Living in a park home provides completely independent living and is nothing like living in a retirement home, as some may think. Many residential parks have a minimum age of 50 or even 45. You are living in a community and surrounded by people who are like-minded, not noisy or disturbing neighbours.  You will be away from a town centre, so you are not situated in the middle of the normal hustle and bustle of town living, but close enough to just pop into town to go shopping or access the amenities if you want to. In addition, being closer to the countryside allows you to enjoy it much more easily.

Location of your park home?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a park home is the location. Park homes can be in some really stunning locations, tucked away in the country or by the coast.  You may want a home that has easy transport links to friends and family or one from which you can easily explore nearby places. Take the time to look carefully into different locations that may be suitable for your needs.

What is security like in a residential park home?

Some parks have security, CCTV and could even be gated to give you that added security.

Where can I view park homes for sale?

You can view park homes for sale on Park Home Search where you can also find a list of open days and weekends.   On Park Home Search there are contact details for park operators and manufacturers, which you can contact directly, if you choose.  Every park is different, so make an appointment and visit the park yourself.  This gives you an opportunity to meet the residents and get some feedback, along with getting a good feel for the park and its atmosphere.

Something to think about.

Sit down and think about exactly what you are looking for. Downsizing can be a practical choice when choosing a new home for your retirement and can mark the beginning of a new phase in your life.  A single storey park home could be the perfect home for your retirement, especially as your physical needs will change as you get older. Your dream retirement home will enable you to enjoy life and could also take care of your future needs, as well as any current preferences. It can significantly reduce your living costs and release funds, so you can really enjoy your retirement.

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